Study Finds Virtual Events Making Data Management More Complicated for Event Planners

The results of a research study titled “The Changing Role of Event Data ‐ New Challenges & Opportunities” conducted by Eventsforce in May 2021 showed that 82 per cent of organizers feel good data practices are going to be critical in running successful hybrid events. The study was based on the views of 200+ event professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom, representing corporates, associations, government, educational institutions, and event management agencies.

One of the key objectives of the study was to investigate what impact virtual events have had in how organizers deal with event data. Volume of data topped the list with 46 per cent of event planners saying they collect more data from virtual events than in-person events. Another 34 per cent felt they don’t have the time or resources to use the data they collect from these events constructively.

Almost two‐thirds (61 per cent) of respondents indicated they’re using data to create more detailed post‐event reports for sponsors and exhibitors, while 40 per cent are reviewing data to glean insights into online attendee behaviour and apply those learnings to hybrid events.

The majority (82 per cent) of respondents believe a good data management strategy is going to become even more important for them with hybrid events.

The findings also show that 73 per cent of event planners are taking steps to improve their data strategy in 2021‐2022. Almost half (46 per cent) will spend more time reviewing data, while 36 per cent will clean up their data.


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