Why choosing the right event technology is important?


With technology being integrated into nearly every aspect of events, it is now easier than ever to track and understand attendee experience. Some of the best event tech companies nowadays are those who help event planners access key metrics most efficiently. You can use the data gathered from a range of applications and event technology to tackle a range of challenges and in turn, improve future editions of your event.

However, finding the right application for your event can prove to be a difficult task. The first piece of advice we can give you is to think about your participants: do they attend your event for educational purposes or to build their professional circle or both?

The answer to that question is crucial as it will help you choose between networking platforms that will facilitate business meetings or event applications that put more emphasis on your program.

Furthermore, the data collected should not only help you identify the successful aspects of your event, but also those who don’t resonate with your attendees quite as much. By listening to your attendees, you are ensuring your event remains competitive and relevant.

Data from event applications are especially beneficial when you take the time to choose the right technologies for your event. You must use your data to its full potential. Indeed, the information you gain from these event technologies should be an integral part of your post-mortem discussions. It is very important you pay attention to these statistics and take a moment to consider the trends you can draw from them.

The data collected through event networking platforms could also help you shape the business opportunities you offer your attendees. Don’t forget, reaching out to new attendees is a top challenge when planning an event. Keep in mind that event data could greatly help you address this challenge.

Determining who comes to your event and why will help you identify new crowds to reach out to and how to pull them in. Additionally, event marketing applications can help you identify where you are going wrong in your approach. Are your attendees reading your emails? And more importantly, are they responsive to the content? With statistics on engagement, click rate, and conversions, you can easily begin to map out new targeting strategies to reach attendees the most efficiently.

Nowadays, event tech is an essential tool for all events. These numerous applications and platforms allow you to get to know your participants better than ever. In turn, the data collected from Web applications can also help you expand your crowd and stay competitive.

At B2B/2GO, we feel that it is crucial that you choose an event technology that will help your event progress in time, but also ensure participants attend future editions. Whether it be a platform that facilitates networking or an interactive application, with a little bit of research you are guaranteed to find a service that suits your needs.

For more information: [email protected]Jean-Pierre Dubois, President, B2B/2GO inc.

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