Transform Your Employer Brand Experience


In the modern age of employer brand building, companies are racing to keep up with the sentiments and creative needs of employees. We know first-hand that emotionally engaged employees take better care of your customers and strive harder to fulfill the mission of the brand. So, it only makes sense for companies to double down on their efforts to invest in their employees and generate a powerful employer brand experience.

Events are a strategic and creative way to engage employees in real time, amplifying not only the messages of the corporation but the bigger vision for the company. That said, events are not the only necessary tool in employer brand building.

In our unique exposure to the corporate landscape as an event strategy and management company, we have gathered insights and solutions to support our clients in building out their employer brand portfolio.

Here are five top tips to build and maintain a modern, revolutionary and attractive employee experience in today’s business world:

1. Personalize, personalize personalize

In the modern age, employees of all ages want choice and customizable options for everything from benefits to work style to learning and development (L&D). This means investing more in technology to enable customization, and getting to know your employees on a deep level beyond their psychographics – ask questions like, what makes you happy? What are your greatest fears?

2. Use “flexible” “on-demand” and “customized” as filters for everything

Whether it’s communications, payment options, or learning and development, offer employees a chance to choose their own path that fits their personality and lifestyle.

3. Design events to amplify culture not sales

The two are directly correlated: emotionally connected employees make your customers and fans happier. Period. Internal events should focus on sharing employee love, versus boosting sales. Talk shop when needed, but drive a bigger strategy with events. Decide how you want your employees to feel about the company and design events around that.

4. Strategic partnerships that support employees

When creating sponsorship strategies for your brand or corporation, select opportunities that give employees front of the line access to unique, money can’t buy experiences. “People” bring the culture of a brand to life, so enable employees to engage with the property, and impact future investment decisions.

5. Reskilling as the future appears

Within the last few years, artificial intelligence, technology advancements and automation have embedded themselves into the workplace. This means, employees will be keen to re-skill. Leverage this urgency by offering unique opportunities for employees to diversify and strengthen digital skill sets and become comfortable leading with technology.

The world’s best brands are making powerful decisions to enhance their employer brand experience, ensuring they keep the top talent they need. Here is a list of benefits or unique experiences to offer employees as you consider your overall employer brand experience.

Modern Employer Brand Priorities:

  • Customizable L&D opportunities.
  • Blend of work from home and office time.
  • Modern technology and tools.
  • Prioritization of well being.
  • Connectedness to the core company.
  • First access to sponsorship experiences.
  • Emotional Intelligence in leadership.
  • Voice in non-business initiatives (DEI, community).
  • Digital, on-demand, self-led experiences.

In short, the modern age of employee experience is shifting as millennials climb the ranks into decision making roles, seeking new jobs that fit their lifestyle as well as their desired career paths. The unique view Gen Z’ers have of the world has yet to show us their true impact on business and it’ll be important for companies to keep up with their mindsets. Lastly, Gen X leaders are in top ranking leadership positions, guiding brand decisions from their own very different life experience.

All of this to say, continuously evolving your company’s employer brand experience is critical.


Lisa Marks is owner of Brand Alive Inc, a Western Canadian corporate event strategy and management company that aims to build culture in everything they do. and @brandaliveinc


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