The B2B/2GO Platform is an outstanding partner in any event-planning process

You can capitalize on our Platform’s many features to provide your guests with diversified event experiences matching all their expectations and requirements.

Some Sound Advice on Event Planning

The virtual mode has a proven record on many fronts, chiefly in recent months. This pandemic has taught us that people can be as proactive and effective from a distance as they are in person. It is, therefore, safe to assume that virtual networking is a trend that should not end. In addition, we now have tools available to help event organizers overcome their competitors and provide a wider range of experiences to their guests. The B2B/2GO Platform is your greatest ally in any event planning approach. Discover how to benefit from B2B/2GO’s expertise through the combination of a few event planning fundamentals to help you eventually set up events fully meeting your expectations.

The Fundamentals of Event Planning

  • Preparation is key to any successful event. Virtual events, just like face-to-face events, actually require a thoughtful, finicky and thorough approach. As the number of tasks in connection with an event can quickly become exponential, allocating the time to carry them out properly does matter, since the smallest detail can make a big difference for the outcome of your event. You must therefore make sure everything is carefully planned with a detailed schedule. This planning will also confirm the validity of your event based on your allocated budget.
  • The B2B/2GO Bilingual Platform will definitely be a great fit for your event due to its scalable and easy-handling features for all users. For instance, in addition to centralizing interactions, you will be able to display the schedule, partner information and descriptive text blocks. The Platform also enables streaming, B2B meeting rooms or webinar sessions and other solutions. It also includes all the parameters to help you carry out both methods efficiently, based on your selection.
  • Delegating is always a good idea, mostly when you set up an event! Just like in your business, it is important to focus on what you do best and assign some tasks to your colleagues or subordinates. This way, you maximize the time spent on your event organization. Besides, the Platform helps you visualize the progress of your participants’ activity in real-time as part of your event: the most popular sessions, the ongoing networking, etc.
  • Expect the unexpected and get prepared for situations like delays. Nobody can control storms or traffic jams. In addition to clarifying the time of the event from the start, make sure you have a contingency plan to entertain your already attending guests (speeches, photo sessions, quizzes, etc.).
  • Whether your event is virtual or face-to-face, your guests should always benefit from excellent sound quality and a direct view of the stage or speaker. For a face‑to‑face meeting, arrange the tables accordingly and virtually, making sure your networking platform is suitable for your virtual business networking.

Food for Thought When Setting up a Corporate Event

  • It is also important to determine the context of the event. Is it a job search fair, a professional development event that includes virtual conferences, or a more social networking event? Also, what form would you like your event to take? A thematic evening? A gala? Would you like to hold an online corporate event? A virtual networking event in a private room? If so, remember that B2B/2GO Platform provides a solution for connecting targeted clients and firms through a prior questionnaire filled out by both parties. Be that as it may, the possibilities are endless, so take the time to evaluate and select what best suits the main purpose of your meeting.
  • It is paramount to anticipate the number of guests invited to your event, whether it is virtual or in person. This way, you will have an idea of the scope of work to be completed, right from the start of the project. This will also help you determine your budget. Moreover, when using the Platform, participants will be able to create a personalized profile including, among other things, relevant information related to their journey during the event.
  • Even if you propose an online event, it is possible, for instance, to plan prior meal deliveries to your guests on their doorstep. The management of a meal will be all the more important if you are holding a face-to-face event since, in addition to being responsible for the quality, you will also be accountable for the service. It is, therefore, necessary to plan for alternatives, going as far as to replace a white tablecloth should it get stained by red wine.
  • Analyzing the data collected during your event is key to the success of your next event. Make sure you collect current contact information on your participants. Know their interests. Quantify the impact of your event. As an online platform accumulates a ton of very valuable data for you, you should make the most of it!

In conclusion, the organization of corporate events will help you strengthen ties between communities and extend your networks. These events require a lot of energy and talent, which is why you can resort to event planning dedicated professional teams with, above all, the right tools, no matter the style or purpose of the event. Please contact B2B/2GO to discover the Platform and its endless benefits.

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