Planning a Sky-High Holiday Event at CN Tower


On the hunt for a unique and unforgettable meeting venue in Toronto? Try looking up. Thanks to years of hosting experience and recent upgrades, the CN Tower has earned a lofty reputation for hosting dynamic, bespoke events with the City’s best view.

“You’re not going to get a view like that anywhere else than in Toronto,” says Cathy Sullivan, Manager, Sales, with CN Tower. “But it’s about more than the view, too. As many of the groups who’ve come through here will tell you, we create really special and memorable experiences.”

Indeed, many groups have taken advantage of the CN Tower’s one-of-a-kind meeting spaces, which range from its viewtiful 360 Restaurant, newly renovated Main Observation Level, multiple meeting rooms, and Maple Leaf Cinema. And with the holiday season approaching, Sullivan and the event hosting team are eager to ring in more unforgettable events.

Want to make the best of your CN Tower holiday event? Consider the following tips:

Book early: The CN Tower attracts groups from around the globe, which means space tends to fill up fast. That’s not to say there aren’t ample opportunities to secure a place for your group, says Sullivan, but that it pays to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Take advantage of CN Tower’s event staff: CN Tower is home to event planning specialists who work with planners to explore their options and create a tailored experience.

“Our in-house events team is our secret weapon,” notes Sullivan. “They know what can be done in our spaces and what’s worked in the past, and they are there to help people in every aspect of their event.”

Flex your creativity: Want a live DJ? Got an idea for a game? What about transforming the Main Observation Level into an indoor fair? According to Sullivan: “We’ve seen it all up there. “We’re always happy to help make the experience unique to everyone that comes.”

Explore your food options: CN Tower’s food and beverage team works with locally sourced and sustainable ingredients and can serve up their specialties or create tailored menus. Work with CN Tower’s team to learn what’s possible and feel free to try something different.

“We’ve got an incredible team of chefs who love getting the chance to express their creativity,” notes Sullivan.

Add a gift (or two): Need to fill a promotion bag? Looking for event prizes? CN Tower’s robust gift shop has many affordable options. Groups can also ask about discounted rates for bulk orders.

Arrive early: Visitor safety and security are paramount at CN Tower. That’s why guests are advised to arrive about 15 minutes before the start of their event  so they have time to go through security, check their jackets, and catch a ride to the Observation Level.

“We can also work with planners on the logistics of getting their groups up the tower as quickly as possible,” suggests Sullivan. “That may mean staggering arrivals or finding ways to offset that time. Either way, we know where those pinch points are and how to best manage our client’s expectations when they arrive.”

Learn more about holiday events at CN Tower, or reach out for general event info at or by email at [email protected].

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