Banff Program Fosters Sustainability


Banff & Lake Louise Tourism has launched its Community Impact Program, a first-of-its-kind for Canada’s business events industry.

The new initiative is designed to help improve the long-term economic and social sustainability of the national park. It has partnered with Banff Canmore Community Foundation to help business event delegates connect with Banff and Lake Louise to make a positive difference in the local community.

“The time is now to take next-level actions towards a more sustainable future. This program has been years in the making and is one step toward fostering long-term sustainability in Banff and Lake Louise. It’s ground-breaking for Canada’s business events industry. Nothing else like it exists,” said Kira Lu, director, business events. “We’ve piloted it with three groups and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re excited to roll it out to the entire industry now.”

The program provides delegates with a pre-paid credit card to use within the destination. The card gives users the freedom to purchase any goods and services in an incredible selection of hotels, restaurants, and shops, and experience an array of activities in Banff and Lake Louise. The card cannot be used for online purchases; it can only be used with Banff and Lake Louise merchants. The card is valid for nine months from the start of the program, allowing delegates flexibility in usage. Any group may participate in the program.

“This partnership is about deepening the connection between visitors and locals,” says Banff Canmore Community Foundation’s Laurie Edward. “Through contributing to local organizations, visitors can shift from a transactional to a more relational way of experiencing this destination and can amplify the positive impact of their time here. The funds generated will be put straight to use by innovative local groups working for the well-being and sustainability of our mountain communities.”



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