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As the business landscape continues to evolve, corporate events and meetings are no longer limited to mundane affairs. In 2023, corporate catering is set to take a leap forward, embracing new trends that focus on creating unique and unforgettable culinary experiences. From sustainability to customization, and technology integration to global flavours, here are top catering trends shaping the corporate world.

Sustainable Catering

In an era of heightened environmental consciousness, sustainability has become a key consideration for corporate catering. Businesses are increasingly seeking catering partners who prioritize eco-friendly practices. This includes sourcing local, organic ingredients, implementing waste reduction strategies, and using compostable or biodegradable packaging. By aligning their corporate events with sustainable values, clients not only showcase their commitment to the environment but also resonate with conscious consumers and employees.

Customized Menus and Dietary Accommodations

One-size-fits-all menus are a thing of the past. Corporate catering is all about customization. We pride ourselves in offering diverse menu options to accommodate different dietary preferences and restrictions, such as vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free choices. Additionally, interactive food stations and build-your-own concepts allow attendees to personalize their meals, fostering a sense of inclusivity and ensuring everyone’s culinary needs are met.

Fusion of Global Flavours

The world is more interconnected than ever, and corporate catering is embracing this cultural diversity through a fusion of global flavours. We look forward to creating menus inspired by various international cuisines, incorporating bold spices, unique ingredients, and innovative cooking techniques. From Asian-inspired street food stations to Mediterranean-inspired small plates, these global flavours add an exciting and adventurous element to corporate events, creating a memorable experience for attendees.

Interactive Food Stations and Experiential Dining

Corporate events are no longer limited to traditional buffet-style catering. To engage guests and create immersive experiences, we are increasingly asked to incorporate interactive food stations and experiential dining concepts. From live cooking demonstrations to chef-led tasting menus, these interactive elements encourage guests to actively participate in the culinary journey with us.

Elevated Beverage Offerings

Beverages play a crucial role in corporate events with a shift toward elevated beverage offerings. Bespoke craft cocktails, specialty mocktails, and curated wine and whiskey tastings add sophistication and refinement to corporate gatherings. We are also focusing on non-alcoholic alternatives, such as artisanal teas, infused waters, and wellness-focused beverages, catering to diverse preferences and promoting a healthier approach to corporate events.



Artistic Food Presentations

Visual appeal is a pillar of cartering that we firmly believe in. We expect to see artistic food presentations that are Instagram-worthy inching closer to the top of corporate client priority lists. From elaborately designed charcuterie boards to meticulously plated dishes, caterers are turning food into a visual masterpiece. Creative use of edible flowers, vibrant garnishes, and unique serving vessels elevates the overall dining experience, capturing attention and stimulating conversations among guests.

The corporate catering landscape in 2023 is marked by a focus on sustainability, customization, and creating immersive experiences. By embracing these trends, we and other caterers can enhance their brand image, engage with guests, and leave a lasting impression. Corporate clients are looking for a full experience, not just some tables in a room with a buffet set up – and caterers should prepare as this area of our industry evolves.


Chris Matthews is executive chef at Eatertainment. He is an  industry veteran, having helmed the kitchens of two of Toronto’s largest catering companies for more than five years each before joining Eatertainment in 2009. Chris is instrumental in the development of new projects and concepts as he leads the culinary team toward new innovations and cutting-edge cuisine.




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