Maximizing Event Connections


In-person events offer employees not just the chance to work together, but also a more casual space for organic inspiration, making connections and team-building opportunities.

There is great potential for company growth in corporate events. They reinforce important bonds, build new bridges, and define and foster a strong culture.

Here are some tips for maximizing connections at your next company off-site, corporate event.

1. Have a very clear purpose.

Design an event around what you are trying to achieve. Whether it is a corporate picnic, family day event, team building or holiday party. This will make it easier when trying to figure out the logistics.
2. Take a people-centric approach.
Like with any event, planning a good internal corporate event means putting yourself in the attendees’ shoes. Think about who your primary attendees are, and what might be standing in the way of them feeling fully connected in the workplace.  I think it’s really important to have somebody at the planning stage who will advocate for the people, the experience, and the connection while still understanding the importance of the event experience.”

3. Budget.

If budget is a concern, I would recommend having less events during the year and make them bigger and more of a wow factor. That will help with the attendance and make the employees feel really appreciate for all the hard work and effort you put forth in planning this event. You want them to experience something they special and different from what they would do on their own time.


Alanna Gross is creative director at Event2Event, a boutique full service event production and design firm in Toronto.


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