The AV Journey of an Event Planner


Meet Nancy, a seasoned corporate event planner known for her ability to create unforgettable corporate experiences. As Nancy prepared for her latest event, she faced a crucial decision – whether to stick with in-house hotel AV services or venture into the world of external AV partnerships. Join us as we delve into Nancy’s journey, where the power of choice, creativity, and collaboration intertwine to elevate corporate events.

1. Setting Your Vision Free: Unshackling from In-House AV Constraints

Nancy understood that in-house hotel AV partners often faced limitations in personnel and equipment. Many in-house AV reps are required to source their people and equipment during busy periods, and due to the last-minute nature of these events, in-house AV is often picking from the bottom of the barrel. In-house AV suppliers are contractually obligated to pay commissions to the hotel. The supplier does not have as much flexibility to offer discounts when they have to pay a significant percentage of their revenue to the hotel. However, curiosity led Nancy to explore a different path – collaborating with an external AV company.

As she met with the external AV specialists, Nancy felt vindicated. They listened intently to her ideas, undeterred by external pressures. Here, her vision took centre stage, and she received unbiased recommendations tailored to her event’s objectives. With the support of dedicated professionals, she knew her event would transcend the ordinary and leave a lasting impression.

2. Crafting Unique Experiences: The Power of Choice

Nancy ensured that she secured the right to bring in an external AV supplier in her hotel contract. This freedom allowed her to handpick an AV partner aligned perfectly with her event’s vision, goals and budget. She envisioned an event that stood out in the sea of corporate gatherings – an event that sparked wonder and captivated every attendee.

Collaborating with the external AV team felt like destiny. Their specialized expertise complemented her creative drive, unlocking possibilities she had only dreamed of. Together, they sketched out innovative stage designs and immersive lighting solutions that would resonate deeply with the audience. They also crafted unique ways to engage her remote attendees. Nancy knew she had found the perfect partner to turn her vision into a reality.

3. Partnering with the Best: Tapping into Specialization and Creativity

As Nancy delved deeper into external AV partnerships, she discovered that getting bids from multiple suppliers gave her better pricing and more creative ideas. Nancy had worked with an in-house supplier on her previous event and was handed off to someone new when the in-house person realized her event was beyond his scope of expertise. Now she was working with the experts and specialists from the start. Their enthusiasm to create exceptional experiences fueled Nancy’s excitement. Why had she not done this before?

These creative minds were more than technicians; they became true collaborators, passionately brainstorming new ideas and refining existing concepts. Nancy found herself inspired, the spark of creativity between them igniting a flame that would transform her corporate event into an immersive wonderland.

4. Elevating Engagement: Cutting-Edge Technology

Nancy understood that keeping attendees engaged was the cornerstone of every successful corporate event. With external AV partners by her side, she explored options in cutting-edge technology. Their treasure trove of innovations included interactive displays, virtual reality experiences, and state-of-the-art audio systems.

As the event unfolded, attendees immersed themselves in a world of interactive wonder. The seamless integration of technology into the event experience had surpassed Nancy’s wildest expectations. She revelled in the joy of witnessing her attendees engaged and enthralled, and she knew that this was just the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

5. Seamless Collaboration: Orchestrating Excellence.

For Nancy, orchestrating a fantastic event was not merely a goal; it was her passion. The external AV partnership seamlessly integrated with other vendors, creating a symphony of synchronized services. With a shared commitment, Nancy and her AV team brought every detail to life, leaving no room for hiccups or mishaps.

As the event unfolded, Nancy observed her vision materializing before her eyes. The attendees basked in a harmonious experience where each aspect of the event flowed seamlessly into the next. The power of collaboration had transformed her vision into an awe-inspiring reality, and she stood amidst her creation, humbled by the impact on the attendees.

Nancy’s journey as an event planner showcased the transformative potential of external AV partnerships. Liberated from in-house constraints, she harnessed the power of choice, creativity, and collaboration to create an event that exceeded expectations. Embrace the realm of external AV partnerships, and, like Nancy, you too can unlock the true potential of your corporate events, crafting experiences that captivate attendees.


Wentworth Willock has more than 20 years of diverse experience and demonstrated sales leadership in the events industry, including senior roles in audiovisual and event management. He currently works with clients to provide guidance in sales, leadership and the use of audiovisual technology. He is immediate past president, MPI Toronto Chapter.




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