Local Partnerships & Sustainability: The CN Tower Keeps on Growing

Each year, tourists flock to the CN Tower’s observation deck over a thousand feet above Toronto. Up there, you take in the sheer vastness of the city, the outlying areas, and watch how the roads network and intertwine, bringing the region together.

The Gardiner Expressway snakes its way out towards Hamilton. Off in the distance, the mists of Niagara Falls hint at the juggernaut of the waterfall providing hydro to a quarter of Ontario. It is perhaps not surprising that the Tower’s Food and Beverage team are using what is growing in their own backyard as primary ingredients to produce delicious cuisine. As much as possible, they source food from within 100 kilometres of the kitchen, making dining a local, seasonal, and exquisitely fresh experience.

Fostering relationships with local eco-sustainable suppliers, the CN Tower draws on Canada’s homegrown bounty, and is proudly Ocean-Wise certified. The Tower serves only seafood that is harvested environmentally soundly to avoid depleting the ocean’s natural resources, and partners with local suppliers, encouraging their expansion and growth.

While the CN Tower’s focus is on tourists during the summer months, a transformation takes place in the fall. Major renovations in 2018 modernized the main observation deck for use as a breathtaking and contemporary event space. Floor-to-ceiling windows now maximize the enviable viewpoint. Soundproof airwalls separate spaces into segments, from an area big enough for 120 guests, and up to 700 for the floor’s full view and circumference. There are multiple floor space options to choose from—versatile, stageable spaces for many event styles—no matter what you are celebrating with the city.

Upstairs, the Tower’s restaurant, 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower, completes a full revolution in 72 minutes. Craft beers are served, further highlighting the region’s produce, and 70% of wine is Ontario-based, with a focus on the Niagara region.

In the centre of the restaurant is the world’s highest wine cellar, as listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Through the glass separating the diners from the vintage wines, a framed certificate hangs on the wall, celebrating the cellar’s world record achievement. It overlooks a rare and expensive bottle of Remy Martin, Louis XIII, cognac called The Black Pearl.

In terms of eco-sustainability, the Tower has already exceeded its 2030 waste diversion target. Between 2006 and 2020, they have reduced their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 98.1%; since 2015, they have conserved 71 million litres of water, and reduced GHG emissions by 45,792 metric tonnes since 2006. They have also done away with single-use plastic containers, integrated culinary and butterfly gardens around the base of the tower, and regularly donate money from licensing agreements to the United Way. As a BOMA BEST ® Certified Gold building, the CN Tower continues to research renewable energy options, and strives for further energy reductions.

To help you get your bearings from up high, the Tower has introduced a handy ViewFinder app which showcases the architecture and landmarks nearby. It replaces outdated binocular stations, which were bulky and took up usable floor space.

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