EIC Undertakes Year-Long Futures Study


The Events Industry Council (EIC) announced a year-long project that will examine the emerging issues and supporting trends that are most likely to shape the events industry in the years to come. The work will culminate with a Futures Landscape Report, set to be released in Q4 2024.

“Through the collaborative effort of our members and partners, EIC is excited to lead this initiative with the priceless contributions of our diverse ecosystem. The final deliverable will be a valuable resource in support of our global workforce,” said EIC president and chief executive officer Amy Calvert. “While we recognize that our industry will continue to face disruptive forces, we believe this unified effort will equip us to be prepared for the activities that will shape society and business events in the years to come.”

The study will touch on diverse topics, including but not limited to political and geopolitical issues, economic trends, technology, safety and security, and environmental impact.

“Our global industry has proven to be extraordinarily resilient, and we believe in the need to proactively engage in creating future possibilities,” said EIC board chair Ana María Viscasillas. “Our collective work on the Futures Landscape project is designed to dynamically support our diverse stakeholders for our industry’s continued success.”

The project is supported by EIC’s APEX Critical Issues Working Group, led by Mike Dominguez, president and CEO of ALHI, and industry leaders representing all key sectors.



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