Long-standing chauffeur service offers exceptional service to clients in the government, corporate and entertainment worlds

Anyone arriving in Toronto, attending a busy conference, a high-level meeting, or one of the world’s largest and most prestigious film festivals will want seamless, comfortable, and discreet transportation throughout their stay.

Fortunately for these types of travelers, Global Alliance has over 30 years of experience providing people in government, the corporate world and the entertainment industry with transportation to hotels, airports, meetings, conventions, film premieres and more.

According to co-owner Joe Ironi, who has been at the helm of the company since it started as a family business in 1988, Global Alliance has been capturing the business–and the trust–of travelers in need of efficiency, reliability and privacy since a small Yellow Pages ad declared “We don’t do proms or bar runs.”

“In the early days, we did weddings and funerals, but we always focused on corporate,” he says.

“Corporate is our bread and butter. That’s been our focus, and we cater our services to those clients.”

This small but simple Yellow Pages ad proved to be a game-changer for the up-and-coming transportation company that began after Ironi’s father sold his repair garage and decided to begin chauffeuring.

“When he went in, I went into it with him,” Ironi says, adding that he built a loyal customer base as satisfied travelers referred him to other clients. The Global Alliance brand clients know and depend on today was born when Ironi’s company merged with Avondale Limousine in 2005.

The merger with Avondale, owned by husband-and-wife team Angelo and Grace Sarris, spurred the creation of what has now become one of the most well-respected brands in the industry. Ironi, his parents, and the Sarris family ran the company at the time. Now, Ironi runs it with Christopher Sarris, who took over from his parents after Angelo passed away in 2019.

When it comes to high-profile or large events, Global Alliance is no stranger to complex and packed itineraries. Whether that be the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), government visits, or concerts and entertainment, these events can push upwards of 400 trips a day.

No job is too complicated for Global Alliance, which operates a fleet of about 40 vehicles (including new S90 Volvo sedans) out of a 24,000-square-foot facility in a central part of Toronto, close to Pearson International Airport and the downtown core. The company can easily call in additional vehicles when moving many clients.

As for what continues to set Global Alliance apart, Ironi says it’s all about the people, the service, and the technology–something that comes from both the drive to evolve and years of experience.

“Special assignments will have a dedicated person, and technology takes over once they work out logistics,” he says, adding that clients can use an app that tells them everything they need to know about their trips.”

Clients can also rely on a team of professional dispatchers and chauffeurs to respond to any questions and concerns and keep them informed.

“Communication is critical, it’s the number one part of our business. The way we communicate when challenges arise and how we deal with them,” Ironi says.

“The systems we have in place make the experience seamless for clients and give them peace of mind that their transportation will be successful.”

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/CM&E 6/19/2024

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