Awards Celebrate Edmonton Tourism


Edmonton celebrated its finest contributors to tourism at the prestigious Edmonton Tourism Awards. These awards showcase the exceptional achievements of individuals, organizations, and events that have not only enhanced the visitor experience in Edmonton, but have done so in unique and innovative ways.

From cultural experiences and sustainable tourism initiatives to major events and culinary delights, this year’s winners have significantly enhanced visitor experiences and contributed to the city’s tourism appeal. Their dedication and innovation continue to position Edmonton as a leading destination for travellers from around the world.

This year, the winners have set new standards in hospitality, sustainability, cultural promotion, and event organization, each with their own distinct approach.

The winners include:

Cultural Experience Award
Métis Crossing

Sustainable Tourism Award
Over $500K: Edmonton Radial Railway Society (ERRS)
Under $500K: RiverWatch EcoFloats

Sports Event of the Year
Over $1 million: 2023 NHL Heritage Classic
Under $1 million: Edmonton International Judo Championships

Business Event of the Year Award
OE Global Conference 2023

Festival of the Year Award
Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival

Attraction of the Year Award
TELUS World of Science—Edmonton

Hotelier Lifetime Achievement Award
Garrett Turta, Peter Parmar, and Richard Wong

Richard Wong: With over 38 years in the industry, Richard Wong has significantly impacted Edmonton’s hospitality landscape, transforming major establishments and contributing to community and industry advancements.

Peter Parmar: Over a 40-year career, Peter Parmar’s innovative leadership has driven the growth and success of numerous hotels, significantly benefiting Edmonton’s hospitality sector.

Garrett Turta: Garrett Turta’s leadership and innovation, particularly within the Fairmont chain, have enhanced Edmonton’s hospitality visibility and appeal, showcasing his profound influence on the industry.


For all the winners, visit Edmonton Tourism.



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