State-of-the-art technology guarantees a seamless chauffeur experience for clients

When you have a large or significant event to coordinate on behalf of important clients, the last thing you want to worry about is how your team will get to and from the main event (or events).

Fortunately for companies hosting or attending busy conferences or meetings, Global Alliance, the long-standing Toronto-based chauffeur service with over 30 years of experience in the transportation business, has the tools in place to not only get your people where they need to be, but to keep everyone in the loop while they do it.

According to co-owner Joe Ironi, Global Alliance has sophisticated technology that makes booking–and enjoying–discreet, comfortable and reliable transportation easy.

“What sets us apart is the multichannel access to communicate with us, along with the internal technologies we use for safety purposes,” he says.

When a client decides to use Global Alliance to arrange transportation to anything from a conference to a film premiere, they can kickstart the seamless process by connecting with the company, providing their contact information, and outlining how they would like to receive notifications during their event or events.

Global Alliance will ask the client for a list of people who will be utilizing their services so they can create unique profiles that will include information regarding each passenger’s preferences and other transportation needs.

“Once they are set up in our system, all they need to provide are the details of the trip itself,” explains Ironi, adding that clients can then provide flight information (if necessary), addresses for pick-up and drop-off and any other locations client will need to visit while in town.

To make things even more convenient, the company also offers multiple booking channels, so clients can make arrangements by phone, email, the website, text message, or live chat. Global Alliance also offers a mobile app, Global Alliance Limousine. The app, available for iPhone and Android users, allows clients to book, adjust, and monitor their transportation bookings.

“We also send notifications such as a 24-hour reminder of pickup, chauffeur information in advance of pickup and status updates for when the car has arrived and when the client has been picked up and dropped off,” Ironi says, adding that notifications can be delivered over text message, email or both.

“This is very helpful for people who want to track the rides for those they have booked for.

Safety is also top of mind for a company that’s built its reputation on serving clients in the government, business, and entertainment worlds. Internally, Global Alliance uses a GPS tracking system and cameras to monitor its vehicles during rides.

“This enables us to monitor driving habits and verify performance in the case of any incidents,” Ironi says.

Ironi also says that the company is well-equipped to handle complex trips and can ensure that multiple riders are kept in the loop throughout their stay. In fact, Global Alliance is no stranger to packed itineraries. During the Toronto International Film Festival, for example, it can provide up to 400 trips a day.

As for the rides themselves, comfort is as paramount as reliability. Global Alliance operates a fleet of about 40 vehicles (including new S90 Volvo sedans) and can easily call in additional vehicles when moving many clients. The vehicles come equipped with forward-facing dash cams that don’t offer audio recording.

“This provides a level of security and monitoring without being intrusive into the privacy of our clients,” Ironi says.

For group bookings, the company uses a module that allows multiple users to access the app, providing everyone with real-time updates and access to all booked reservations.

“When a chauffeur is assigned, that appears on the app for all to see, which is important for coordinators,” explains Ironi.

“This works very well for destination management companies or meeting planners with multiple team members who are managing the transportation.”

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/CM&E 7/03/2024

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