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Author: Trevor Lui

The big city kid from Toronto has always been surrounded by food and events for as long as he can remember. His mission? Take his nearly 20 years of experience and change the way people think before they plan to meet, eat and socialize. At every opportunity, Trevor relishes and tries to learn the trade from every possible angle. Now, his focus is to reciprocate all the knowledge and import funky, stylish and cutting edge methods to implement sustainability into every aspect of business. Social or corporate, Trevor relies on his passion and personality to broker effective relationships. Lessons learned in his times at the largest event venues, hotel chains and entertainment complexes producing and strategizing for his clients. Today, if not directing operations at the iconic International Centre in Toronto, Trevor can be found wired to social media, speaking at events or classrooms, penning an article or at a boardroom stategizing sustainable ideas that challenge the status quo. Trevor’s passion is relentless, genuine and much like his vision and sense of style, both different and memorable. He believes in the thought process as much as the risk within the action even when it comes down to accessorizing his socks and pocket squares to his signature bowties.

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