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  • Tips for creating a blockbuster virtual environment

    With all the blockbuster science fiction movies that are made these days, it’s hard to believe that sci-fi was once consider second-tier or “B” movie material – suitable for summer release to drive-ins and not much else. It wasn’t until 1977, when George Lucas sprung a little movie called Star Wars on an unsuspecting public, that Hollywood began looking at science fiction as worth the investment.

  • CTC and TIAC crack the code for pharma event planners in Canada

    It’s just what the doctor ordered. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has partnered with the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) and Rx&D to produce a practical reference guide for planners of medical conferences and educational events in Canada.

  • Nine suggestions for planning your next gala event

    One of my clients has asked me to organize a gala evening in celebration of an important corporate milestone. Absolutely, I say, but I do have a few (quite a few!) questions. Can we meet to review the details?

  • Setting the tone: A Planner’s notes on attending a sombre event

    Not too long ago I attended an event which was quite sombre in nature. After it ended and I started back home on a four-hour drive, I had plenty of time to analyze the event with the final realization that a minor miracle had happened: a flawless celebration and tribute to the life of a remarkable man. There was little time to coordinate it all – only hours in fact.

  • Scandinavian meeting innovation

    Visit Denmark and Wonderful Copenhagen CVB invited international forward thinking guests to power-mingle and experience the beauty of Copenhagen early this summer.

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