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  • Raise a glass to wine resorts for incentive trips and small corporate meetings

    It is that time of year when vineyards all across the globe are preparing to harvest their fruit and begin the time honored tradition of making wine. Ever since Lucille Ball stomped her way into our hearts on her famous show, wineries have been a part of world’s culture. Today, vineyards around the world are becoming the “in place” for meetings, sales incentive trips and employee recognition events. Much more than just a place to do a “wine tasting”, resorts have sprung out of the fruit-filled hills offering a plush and often an educational location for your next event. So whether you are a vino enthusiast or just looking for that unique local for your group, consider a wine resort. Here are some of our favourites.

  • Nine amazing off-site venue ideas for your next meeting or conference

    Always trying to dazzle their attendees, meeting and event experts are consistently finding that next unique way to “wow” their clients. Whether planning an event around the corner or around the world, here are some ideas of unique off-site venues for your next reception, dinner or party.

  • Tips for creating a consistent yet unique roadshow

    What is a roadshow? It is usually the presentation or launch of a company product or service, in seven or more locations. The presenters or trainers travel from one location to the next, rather than the attendees, which saves a great deal on costs and coordination. A roadshow can travel through a region, across a province, state or an entire country. There are also roadshows that travel the world.

  • Tips for creating a blockbuster virtual environment

    With all the blockbuster science fiction movies that are made these days, it’s hard to believe that sci-fi was once consider second-tier or “B” movie material – suitable for summer release to drive-ins and not much else. It wasn’t until 1977, when George Lucas sprung a little movie called Star Wars on an unsuspecting public, that Hollywood began looking at science fiction as worth the investment.

  • CTC and TIAC crack the code for pharma event planners in Canada

    It’s just what the doctor ordered. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has partnered with the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) and Rx&D to produce a practical reference guide for planners of medical conferences and educational events in Canada.

  • Nine suggestions for planning your next gala event

    One of my clients has asked me to organize a gala evening in celebration of an important corporate milestone. Absolutely, I say, but I do have a few (quite a few!) questions. Can we meet to review the details?

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