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  • Top five meeting pet peeves

    Number 5 – meetings scheduled during lunch. Visit Corporate Meetings Network to find out more!

  • IACC releases two educational videos for meeting professionals

    Peter Stockmann, President of International Association of Conference Centres (IACC) Americas, announced the release of two video clips on content-rich topics related to the meeting experience. The videos, based on IACC’s third Thought Leader Summit and subsequent white paper Creating Compelling Meeting Experiences at IACC’s 30th annual conference, include two customer-related topics: Achieving Owner and Customer Satisfaction, and Eliminating Customer Sacrifice.

  • Entering unchartered waters

    As with so many other business sectors, Canada’s convention centres are looking forward with a sense of anticipation to the impacts that the current global economic crisis may bring in the coming months and years. This concern, coming as it does on the heels of some of the strongest performance years on record, will affect not only marketing but also performance measurement, operating efficiencies, business priorities and even the ways in which centres calculate and report the benefits they bring to their respective communities.

  • Opinion: Economic challenges require a new meetings industry value proposition

    While Canada fared relatively well in the face of the economic chaos that has shaken the international scene over the past few years, we’re not exempt from what’s going on elsewhere in the world. As a largely resource-based economy, we’re now hearing that we may actually be even more vulnerable to a second recession than many other countries, however sound such internal factors as our government and banking institutions may be.

  • The Meeting Planner

    For something that looks so easy, event planning is anything but. Every annual general meeting, wedding reception or book signing creates the possibility for a myriad of mishaps that no one wants to handle.

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