The Business of Meetings

  • BEICC update: Preparing to take on today’s important meetings industry issues

    By Bob Parker, Chairperson BEICC As spring is on the doorstep, thoughts move to planting seeds for the much anticipated growing season. It is time to groom, fertilize, and prepare the fields for the opportunities ahead. The business meetings and events industry in Canada is perhaps one of the most diverse economies in this country, impacting many sectors, and deciding which seeds to plant and fields to nurture is a most challenging task. The foundation of the Business Events Industry…

  • Six compelling reasons to outsource your meetings management

    A well-delivered and effective meetings program will enhance the success of your organization. It will move you forward through connection, the exchange of ideas, the dissemination of information, and educational opportunities. Meetings help to build your business and the relationships you have with your customers. The meetings management industry has experienced rapid growth and development in recent years. There is now a vast network of external resources available to help you develop and deliver your meetings program. This includes third-party…

  • Meeting Professionals International releases December Business Barometer results

    Meeting Professionals International released the December 2012 Business Barometer report which revealed that budgets continue to rise at a slow pace, the corporate sector has made extremely short lead times de facto business practice, and remote access to meeting content – live or on demand, interactive or not – sees growing popularity. Technological innovation continues with new opportunities for attendee (remote and onsite) interactivity, lower costs and better risk management. Meeting professionals are hiring people who have strong working knowledge…

  • The changing perception of face-to-face meetings

    By Joe Nishi and Jennifer Glynn Since the very beginning, people have been meeting. For faith, trade, education, political or social reasons, we shook hands as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon and looked into each other’s eyes and decided to either trust or not trust either other. At one time, it could have meant the difference between life or death. Today, the reasons to meet can be just as important, from pharmaceutical companies…

  • Industry update: News and views from the BEICC

    BEICC held the first of many planned Town Halls at the InterContinental Hotel on October 3, 2012 and invited members of the various associations to attend. More than 30 people from a variety of associations attended to get an update on BEICC activities. On hand to discuss trends affecting the business events industry in Canada was Warren Evans, CSP, Hall of Fame, who advised that if associations continue to protect their turf, and don’t work with each other, their association…

  • Meetings and their economic impact on Canada

    Many of you who know me know that I’ve been talking about meetings/conferences/events as being about business decisions, not hospitality in its truest form for at least five years. The definition of “hospitality”, according to Wikipedia, ( Current usage: In the West today hospitality is rarely a matter of protection and survival, and is more associated with etiquette and entertainment. However, it still involves showing respect for one’s guests, providing for their needs, and treating them as equals. Cultures and…

  • Helping stakeholders see the big picture of meetings value

    Amid today’s challenging climate of economic uncertainty, more and more discussion about meetings and events is taking place in the corporate boardroom, where senior management teams are assessing the value those meetings bring to their business. For a professional meeting planner, knowing how to prove the value of tangible and intangible returns on a stakeholder’s investment is an enviable skill. Establishing the inherent value of meetings and how they tie in to corporate objectives is a critical component of the planning process, giving you the power to leverage that information with senior management and helping to justify their meetings investment.

  • 2013 global meetings outlook

    As we move towards the fourth quarter of 2012, it’s time to start looking forward and searching for trends in the meetings industry. Each year at AMI, we analyze and summarize what hoteliers, travel and meeting industry professionals are saying and doing. That, in addition to monitoring the economic indicators from around the world, assists us in forecasting and budgeting for the upcoming year’s meetings and events. Doing this has become an increasingly important value for our clients with the financial uncertainty over the last few years.

  • Investing in convention centres

    Every once in a while we see indignant news items about why investment in a convention centre is in the worst possible interests of a particular city. Although they may be from anywhere, they have a remarkably consistent formula: They are generally initiated in reaction to some kind of announcement, reported by local media who can always use some controversy, and often supported by sage comments from critics whose existence depends on them reliably having something bad to say about these kinds of investments.

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