Standard Templates

AV Cue Sheet
Providing your Audio Visual team with a detailed cue sheet will set them up to succeed. These take time, but going through the exercise makes for a great show. Here’s one example to get the juices going.

Small Show AV Order
Wondering what Audio Visual items you should expect to order for a simple one hour talk? This example will get you started. (Somehow simple isn’t so simple when it comes to AV).

Conference Management Tool
Are you trying to keep track of hundreds of guests for an upcoming corporate event? We recommend managing all of your data on one master spreadsheet and hope this template helps you get started. You can add columns you need or type over the existing information. When a vendor asks for an update, simply copy your master spreadsheet into a new workbook and delete any information the vendor doesn’t need to see. Save often and good luck.

Celebrity Participation
Confirming celebrities at a charity event is something that takes a lot of effort, and follow up. Hopefully this one-sheet will make your job easier. Check out the posting on securing celebrity participation in “Fresh Event Tips” for more.

Event Signage
Events require clear directional signage – here’s a list of basic signs and suggested sizes to include at your next function. Check out the entries on signage under Tips by Category (above).

Event Summary Form
Once the event is over just a few more hours will ensure you remember what went well, and what to change next time. Event Wrap Ups are also great documents to share (in condensed form) with your head of Marketing, your executive host and the one who controls the budgets.

Event Vendors One Sheet
Hosting an event with more than one vendor turns into a juggling act the hours before the event. Create one document with all vendors listing their load in times, and cell numbers, to distribute to your team and the venue mgt. This simple document lowers chaos immensely.

Large Conference Budget Template
If you are charged with the task of planning a multi-day conference this little sheet may become your favorite weapon. Good luck, and never doubt the power of a strong coffee. (see more on conferences by clicking the Tips by Category link above).



Templates courtesy of Bonjour Events.

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