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    Brain Science: Unlocking Creativity

      For the past decade I have been presenting a speaking session called “The Pink Poodle Theory”, which is essentially the “aha moment” of when I discovered that my brain was curating and creating trend forward event designs, quietly while I worked and slept. In my session I speak about how pinterest and other algorithm driven platforms are killing our creativity by taking us on a “see more like this” source path, a path that enables “copycat” creativity. And now,…

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    Events Celebrate Human Connections

      by Tahira Endean Event professionals face an alphabet soup of things to think about and manage daily: rising costs, connections, climate change, fundraising, growth, wellness, AI, revenue, quality and so much more. There is a seemingly endless list of challenges, and yet we have a global industry that is busier than ever. Why? Simple. Events matter. They matter because we are humans. We rely on technology, including a rapid global acceptance of AI to support tasks in our business…

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    Rethinking Design For Impactful Events

      by Shannon Byck and Joe Nishi Back in June 2023, we wrote an article on Why Events Need a Great Reimagination, and our biggest take away from the article was that we see this time as a chance to make change so we do not go back to the mindset on how and why we did things before. One key way to change our mindset is to reset how we plan events. When you think of the term program…

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    Rising Costs Top Meetings Industry Report

      Planners are optimistic about 2024, with almost half expecting to book more meetings than in 2023, according to the 2024 State of the Meetings Industry. Event planners are feeling optimistic about 2024, with approximately 42 per cent expecting an increase in bookings, 32 per cent forecasting growth of up to 20 per cent and almost 10 per cent projecting a boost over 20 per cent. Additionally, planners expect their meeting sizes to grow in the coming year. More than…

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  • Study shows consumers want travel assistance from chatbots

    Press Release The ability to organize and book both business or leisure trips online is now far more convenient than it used to be. Regardless, arranging trips online can still be an exhausting and cumbersome experience. Whether it’s trying to find the best flight, the most affordable option or just knowing where to go within a new city; there are many obstacles facing consumers today. To examine this area in depth, Humley, the creator of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots for…

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  • Boeing and SparkCognition to launch joint venture, SkyGrid

    Press Release Boeing and SparkCognition today announced yesterday plans to launch SkyGrid, a new company that will enable the future of urban aerial mobility. Based in Austin, Texas, SkyGrid will develop a software platform to ensure the safe, secure integration of autonomous cargo and passenger air vehicles in the global airspace. Using blockchain technology, AI-enabled dynamic traffic routing, data analytics and cybersecurity features, SkyGrid’s platform will go beyond unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) traffic management (UTM). The platform will enable SkyGrid customers to…

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  • The Times, They Are a-Changing — Again

    This is the first of three articles exploring changing landscape of technology and the corporate meetings and events industry. The iconic line from the 1960s Bob Dylan song “The times they are a changing” seems to be a common refrain every decade or so, and in the intervening half-century since that song was composed, the times have thoroughly changed. We have seen generations of technology race by. We went from records to cassettes to CDs to iPods to music streaming…

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