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  • Attracting Generation X – the forgotten generation of meeting attendees

    While Generation X makes up less of the workforce than Baby Boomers, and now Millennials, they still make up a considerable portion of your meeting attendees and organization/association demographic. We tend to hear less about this demographic and therefore plan less around them, but forgetting to target this “sandwiched” generation is a mistake! Why you should focus more of your efforts on attracting Generation X When it comes to your attendees, particularly if planning events for a professional association, Generation…

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  • Top ideas for event themes

    By Daniella Bustamante and Dela Kumapley, Event Coordinators at Managing Matters Selecting the right theme is crucial to the success of your event and sets the stage to influence your food and beverage, design and décor choices. It will communicate to guests a sense of what to expect, what the atmosphere will be and even what they might wear! With this much pull on the outcome of your event, make sure you spend time choosing a theme that is interesting,…

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  • Fitness first: How to combat conference fatigue with fitness energy breaks

    By Dr. Kim Bercovitz Think back to your last meeting or event. How often did you feel tired? Did you get fanny fatigue from sitting too much? Brain freeze from hearing a lot of information in a short period of time? Conference fatigue is a common problem experienced by attendees who sit for a long time at meetings and conferences. Muscles tighten, posture becomes slouched and energy levels plummet as the day wears on. Attendee inactivity at a typical conference…

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  • Three predictions for event swag in 2014

    It’s that time. It’s time to look back on what happened this year and guess what will happen next year.  In the promotional products world in 2013, we saw requests for tech items like custom powerbanks and branded styluses explode. So, what will be big next year? Rather than trying to predict one or two specific products that will be hits next year, we sat down and focused on categories that we think will dominate custom orders and branded products…

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  • Twelve tips for incorporating attendee wellness into your next corporate meeting

    Are you dreading your next onsite corporate meeting, surrounded by heavy banquet meals, dinners, appetizers, break stations loaded with everything from rich entrees to those decadent hotel brownies and blondies followed by long stretches of sitting? Our corporate meeting planners are happy to be experiencing an increase in requests for healthier options and activities at our clients’ corporate meetings and events. “In addition to the benefits for our clients and their attendees, our staff also feels more productive and rejuvenated…

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