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  • Good Speakers Command the Stage

      A good speaker can be key to what makes an event memorable and a success. For some people, taking the stage, whether it’s the fifth time or the 50th time, feels as natural and instinctual as riding a bike. But for most people, presenting onstage for a room full of attendees is a daunting experience, especially if they’re relatively experienced. Luckily, there are a few things all speakers can do, regardless of their experience level, to feel more comfortable…

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  • Understanding the Value of AV Services

      The audio visual (AV) industry has always struggled to capture and monetize intellectual property, ideation and pre-production work that goes into any event. Typically, an audio visual company is paid for the rental of equipment that is used in an event, and services such as pre-production time, creativity, experience or innovation have been treated as a condition of the cost of the unit cost of that equipment. This presents two distinct but very different problems. First, it unfairly commoditizes…

    A/V & Special Effects, Event Operations

  • Why You Need an Event Technologist

      Even before the pandemic and the monumental shift to virtual, digital and now hybrid events, the role of event technologist has been a key part of making events a success. Having a dedicated event technologist on board gives event organizers a chance to focus on what they do best. By doing so, event technologists can facilitate their career advancement, improve ROI and create better meeting experiences for all concerned. For planners seeking strategic, higher level roles within their organizations,…

    Event Operations, Social Media & Technology

  • Anchor Audio Expands Presence in Canada

    Canadian firm DataVisual Marketing has been chosen as an official Anchor Audio distributor and representative. Anchor Audio, a leading manufacturer of portable PA systems for education, hospitality, government, and religious markets, has strengthened support of its rapidly growing Canadian presence with the appointment of DataVisual as distributor and representative. Alex Jacobs, CEO, noted in a press release that DataVisual will be responsible for marketing the entire Anchor product line. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, with offices located across the country, DataVisual is Canada’s leading distributor…

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  • Amp Up your Next Virtual Event by Targeting this Sense

    With events primarily taking place from the comfort of people’s homes, the power of our five senses has shifted. It used to be an event producer’s passion to ignite all the senses in calculated ways, at specific times, to entice memory or create action. While we’ll get back to a new version of that eventually, for now we have the digital realm from which to work to deliver content. Because of this, the sense of hearing is among the most engaged…

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