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    Freedom of Choice: AV Contracts

    By Heather Reid Did you know that as much as 55 per cent (yes, you read that right!) of a customer’s audiovisual (AV) invoice can be paid by the in-house preferred audiovisual supplier to the venue as a commission for the privilege of being identified as the “in-house preferred supplier”. With commissions at these staggering rates, significant revenues can be generated. It is no wonder then, that carefully crafted policies and fees are found in venue contracts to influence the…

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    Best Practices in AV Contracting

      As our economy and locally owned businesses continue to recover from the pandemic, the audio-visual (AV) industry is extremely excited to see events, conferences, galas and more starting to come back. Many audio-visual providers are locally owned businesses that employ people directly in our community. Business is built on relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Having access to audio-visual equipment and services is crucial for the entire event sector in today’s digital age. Audio-visual technology assists with conferences, trade…

    A/V & Special Effects, Event Operations

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