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    Understanding Lighting Equipment Cost

      When it comes to organizing live events and meetings, the ambiance and visual presentation can significantly impact the overall experience. Lighting is a crucial component of this, setting the mood and highlighting key elements of the event. However, navigating the costs and options for lighting and AV equipment can be daunting for event organizers and planners. Some costs can seem low or high depending on the supplier, making event planners scratch their heads and ask why. Here are the…

    A/V & Special Effects, Event Operations

  • Understanding the Value of AV Services

      The audio visual (AV) industry has always struggled to capture and monetize intellectual property, ideation and pre-production work that goes into any event. Typically, an audio visual company is paid for the rental of equipment that is used in an event, and services such as pre-production time, creativity, experience or innovation have been treated as a condition of the cost of the unit cost of that equipment. This presents two distinct but very different problems. First, it unfairly commoditizes…

    A/V & Special Effects, Event Operations

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