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  • Essential Roles On Your AV Team

      Building an experience that is engaging for your live attendees and your remote audience can seem like an insurmountable task when you first start out. You want to make sure you give both of your audiences the attention they need and keep them connected, entertained and immersed in an experience. How is this achieved? Using the right people, the right AV technology and the right process, you can create a dynamic experience for both your audiences. There are some…

    A/V & Special Effects, Event Operations

  • Amp Up your Next Virtual Event by Targeting this Sense

    With events primarily taking place from the comfort of people’s homes, the power of our five senses has shifted. It used to be an event producer’s passion to ignite all the senses in calculated ways, at specific times, to entice memory or create action. While we’ll get back to a new version of that eventually, for now we have the digital realm from which to work to deliver content. Because of this, the sense of hearing is among the most engaged…

    Virtual Events

  • Speak Easy: How presentation management sets your conference up for success

    By Andrew Tyne Your presentation starts in 10 minutes, while frantically trying to find the room where you’ll be presenting you look down at your hand and see the USB key that contains your talk. You whisper a quiet prayer to the conference gods that whatever laptop is waiting for you in the room has the correct version of QuickTime installed and that you’ve embedded those videos properly. When we design an event experience, we very often think of ways…

    A/V & Special Effects, Event Operations

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