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  • Good Speakers Command the Stage

      A good speaker can be key to what makes an event memorable and a success. For some people, taking the stage, whether it’s the fifth time or the 50th time, feels as natural and instinctual as riding a bike. But for most people, presenting onstage for a room full of attendees is a daunting experience, especially if they’re relatively experienced. Luckily, there are a few things all speakers can do, regardless of their experience level, to feel more comfortable…

    Event Operations, Speakers & Entertainment

  • Top 10 Exciting Event Technologies

      If you’re planning an event, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the latest and greatest event technologies. These hot trends can make your event more exciting and engaging for attendees and give you the creative edge on your competitors. Here are 10 of the most exciting new event technologies to inspire your next event: 1. Holographic Displays Stand out from the crowd and make your brand stand for something in a world where competition is tough. With 3D…

    A/V & Special Effects, Event Operations, Social Media & Technology

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