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  • How to Navigate Net Zero Events

      Corporate lingo for “mind the planet” is constantly changing. Start feeling comfortable talking about “sustainability” and “CSR”, and suddenly it’s all about “carbon neutral” and “net zero.” As challenging as it can be to keep up, it is important for event professionals to stay on top of what these terms mean if they are to deliver value and avoid liabilities in the corporate event space. So what do you need to know to speak confidently about net zero? To begin,…

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    Victoria Hotel Offers Carbon Neutral Events

      Inn at Laurel Point, B.C.’s first carbon-neutral hotel, is launching a new Carbon-Neutral Events Program, to the roster of eco-friendly initiatives offered at the waterfront hotel in the heart of downtown Victoria. As part of its 10-year vision to continue leading the charge towards a sustainable future, the hotel has teamed up with Victoria non-profit Synergy Enterprises to formulate its new Carbon-Neutral Events program. Inn at Laurel Point already offsets the carbon footprint for guests staying at the hotel,…

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  • Informa Markets Launches Program Aimed at Removal of Disposable Stands

    Informa Markets is setting new industry standards with the launch of its Better Stands program, which is aimed at encouraging exhibitors to build cost-effective, high-quality stands made from reuseable materials. The goal is to create a better experience for customers and a more sustainable approach to constructing stands at in-person events globally, aiding both the physical and green recovery of the events industry. “As we return to the show floor, we want to create an environment that is easier to…

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