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    The Power of Customer Feedback

      Customer feedback is the compass that guides event planners in the right direction. It provides invaluable insights into what worked well and what needs improvement. Here’s why it matters: Continuous Improvement: Feedback highlights areas for enhancement, allowing event planners to refine their processes and offerings. Client Satisfaction: Satisfied clients are more likely to become repeat customers and recommend your services to others. Attendee Engagement: Positive feedback fosters attendee loyalty, ensuring they return to future events. Competitive Edge: Gathering feedback…

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    Managing Client Touchpoints

      Amidst all the excitement of re-connecting and once again enjoying all the things we had lost during the pandemic, those of us in the event industry who work directly with clients found something new added to our proverbial “to do” list. We now found ourselves at the beck and call of clients, around the clock. Let me state something very important about this – it was no one’s fault. We all remember those early days of the pandemic when…

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    Event Design: The Art of More

      The business of event design is to unveil a message or tell a story that serves the events purpose. It is to create an undeniable connection on all sensory levels that unite attendees, not only within that setting, but virtually; in continuum and beyond. These vast platforms and perspectives conjure connectivity, relatability and association. For creatives, it can be an emotional or never-ending journey that feeds our passion while playing havoc with our process. As a creative and in…

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  • Importance of Setting Boundaries

      Event planners need to set boundaries with clients and workload limits to ensure they are giving their best and are at their best. As event planners, we consider ourselves problem solvers. No challenge too big, no hill too steep. There is always a solution to every problem, and with respect to events, a great event planner behind each solution. But with every great feat, there is likely a sacrifice. Many event professionals can likely attest to blurred lines between…

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  • How to Achieve ROI with Partnerships

      Events are largely successful because of deeply connected partnerships based on aligned values and shared respect. It is our business philosophy that a small group of A plus, senior level event professionals is a stronger contingent than a large agency of varied skill levels. This is the lens through which we search for our hand-picked partners and teammates, and why we celebrate them so openly. To provide insights into how and why this matters, here is our event partnerships…

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