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  • Local Partnerships & Sustainability: The CN Tower Keeps on Growing

    Each year, tourists flock to the CN Tower’s observation deck over a thousand feet above Toronto. Up there, you take in the sheer vastness of the city, the outlying areas, and watch how the roads network and intertwine, bringing the region together. The Gardiner Expressway snakes its way out towards Hamilton. Off in the distance, the mists of Niagara Falls hint at the juggernaut of the waterfall providing hydro to a quarter of Ontario. It is perhaps not surprising that…

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  • Illuminating Events at CN Tower

    It’s a challenge to make events stand out in Toronto. But as many organizers can attest, holding a meeting or event atop the city’s tallest landmark is a good place to start. The CN Tower has earned a reputation as one of the region’s most unique venues and thanks to its mix of unique spaces, top-tier catering and cuisine, and innovative audio, video, and lighting options, the sky-high event destination is sure to wow. “The CN Tower continues to define…

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  • Get High: CN Tower’s renovated observation deck now open

    Event planners take note: After nearly a year, the CN Tower’s $16 million renovation of its main observation deck is open to the public and for private events. Toronto-based — and appropriately-named, given the venue — Cumulus Architects revamped the space, modernizing it, making it more accessible and Toronto’s cityscape more visible. To that end, massive, 448 kg floor-to-ceiling windows were installed along the length of the deck, giving those with mobility issues or disabilities unhindered access to the view…

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