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    Guiding Association Clients to Excellence

      We just finished annual reviews for all our association clients – a time to look back, celebrate the wins, and, of course, identify where we can kick it up a notch for the upcoming year. This is our version of a performance review and our strategy session about innovative ways to continue challenging the status quo for associations we serve. We dive into the top five behaviours that can act as a compass for your association’s overall health with…

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  • Maximizing Event Connections

      In-person events offer employees not just the chance to work together, but also a more casual space for organic inspiration, making connections and team-building opportunities. There is great potential for company growth in corporate events. They reinforce important bonds, build new bridges, and define and foster a strong culture. Here are some tips for maximizing connections at your next company off-site, corporate event. 1. Have a very clear purpose. Design an event around what you are trying to achieve.…

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  • Experiential Entertainment For Team Building

      With all the available options and directions for an event there is nothing more effective at bonding people, team building and creating a lasting impact than moments attendees can feel. There is abundant research to support the value of fun and entertainment. According to communications guru Dale Carnegie, “People rarely succeed unless they are having fun in what they are doing.” By creating an environment where people enjoy the time they spend at an event, you set a welcoming…

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