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    The Power of Fun in Events

      We all like to have fun. But what is fun? The dictionary defines fun as “that which provides amusement or enjoyment.” Of course, fun can mean different things to different people. One thing is certain, and that is FUN is the antidote to stress. “PEOPLE RARELY SUCCEED UNLESS THEY HAVE FUN IN WHAT THEY ARE DOING” – Dale Carnegie Work can be difficult and stressful. After all, work requires dedicated focus on the role, task, goal, agenda, and outcome…

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    Demand For Casual Events Growing

      The biggest shift we are seeing in corporate events – and our strong prediction for the evolution of event design in the future – is a demand for more casual, authentic conversations, thoughtful content design, comfortable spaces and lots of opportunities for conversations and interaction. Gone are the days where people dress up in stiff business attire, travel far to a boring venue and sit in rows listening to some “sage on the stage” for content or for a…

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    Versante Hotel Offers New Event Space

      With the demand for unique meeting and event experiences on the rise, Richmond-based Versante Hotel is introducing a convention-defying offering at its 2,500 sq. ft. penthouse lounge. Alaïa, the boutique hotel’s former 12th-floor caviar lounge, is now available as a meetings and events space for hosting everything from corporate events and product launches to private parties, wedding celebrations, and holiday soirées. One-of-a-kind artwork and design, premium amenities and world-class cuisine are a few of the perks that visitors to…

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  • Maximizing Event Connections

      In-person events offer employees not just the chance to work together, but also a more casual space for organic inspiration, making connections and team-building opportunities. There is great potential for company growth in corporate events. They reinforce important bonds, build new bridges, and define and foster a strong culture. Here are some tips for maximizing connections at your next company off-site, corporate event. 1. Have a very clear purpose. Design an event around what you are trying to achieve.…

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  • The Value of an Event Planner

      By Angela Zaltsman Companies across the nation have seen employees transition from remote to hybrid to sometimes fully in-person work environments. Why? Because if the last three years have taught us anything, it is the value of being with one another. Work culture and building employee engagement are often pointed to as the motivation behind a push for in-office facetime, but studies have shown that team events are the true catalyst for meaningful employee-employer relationships. Team events offer not…

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  • Five Steps For a Successful Festival

      Remember that vibrant festival experience from days long ago? Great music, delicious food, colourful entertainment, being outdoors with a crowd taking in the brilliant sunshine. Festivals are ever-popular, and even more so now that we are back from years of “no gathering land.” We all miss getting together to enjoy a shared experience – it is an essential part of being human. Large corporations and small businesses alike love to align with successful festivals especially if they know your…

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  • Industry Profile: Alissa Hurley

      Alissa Hurley’s first job shared office space with a company that produced technology conferences and trade shows. They were producing a large trade show and needed additional support for the event and the next thing she knew, Hurley was the conference coordinator for the largest technology show in Canada. “It was an incredible experience that combined my organizational skills, creativity and passion for technology. I decided that this was the career for me and continued to look for future…

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  • Experiential Entertainment For Team Building

      With all the available options and directions for an event there is nothing more effective at bonding people, team building and creating a lasting impact than moments attendees can feel. There is abundant research to support the value of fun and entertainment. According to communications guru Dale Carnegie, “People rarely succeed unless they are having fun in what they are doing.” By creating an environment where people enjoy the time they spend at an event, you set a welcoming…

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  • Sheraton Laval

    Sheraton Laval Renovation Unveiled

      After a two year major $20 million renovation, Groupe Hôtelier Grand Château has revealed the brand new Sheraton Laval and a completely redesigned convention centre. From the hotel exterior and convention centre to the restaurant and common areas, everything has been revamped to meet the needs of today’s business and tourist clienteles. As the first Marriott in the Laval region, the Sheraton is positioning itself as a leader in hotel trends. Home to one of the largest convention centres…

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  • Spiro

    GES Launches Spiro Marketing Solutions

      Global Experience Specialists (GES), a leading global provider of exhibition services, brand experiences and live event venue services introduces its newest venture Spiro, an integrated marketing solutions agency. Spiro strengthens GES’ abilities to manage traditional events and offers a new set of capabilities to deliver heightened experience dividends for the ways events have transformed. Spiro sees in-person, virtual and hybrid events alike as opportunities for immersive, interactive storytelling and brand loyalty-building. Enhanced services include annual meetings; strategic event management…

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