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  • Meeting planner wellness: 15 tips for a healthy career

    Most of us have either experienced a lack of balance or know someone in the industry, a friend or colleague who has suffered from this reality. Some of us have also known, worked with or supported someone who suffers from or has lost the battle to illness, sudden or chronic. When ill, some have focused on their needs and their health and taken the time to heal, but in an industry filled with A-type, “we can do it all” personalities,…

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  • Three predictions for event swag in 2014

    It’s that time. It’s time to look back on what happened this year and guess what will happen next year.  In the promotional products world in 2013, we saw requests for tech items like custom powerbanks and branded styluses explode. So, what will be big next year? Rather than trying to predict one or two specific products that will be hits next year, we sat down and focused on categories that we think will dominate custom orders and branded products…

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