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    Brain Science: Unlocking Creativity

      For the past decade I have been presenting a speaking session called “The Pink Poodle Theory”, which is essentially the “aha moment” of when I discovered that my brain was curating and creating trend forward event designs, quietly while I worked and slept. In my session I speak about how pinterest and other algorithm driven platforms are killing our creativity by taking us on a “see more like this” source path, a path that enables “copycat” creativity. And now,…

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  • Funny Business: Event-planning tips from the world of comedy

    By Mark Sutton All together now: There’s no business like the event planning business, there’s nooo business I know! Sorry. I get it. It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. But, when you really think about it, planning an event and putting on a show are really not that different. You have to think about content, timing, logistics, snacks, sound, the audience experience, snacks, lighting, pacing, and snacks (people really like snacks). That’s a lot of stuff. Most…

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  • Six marketing tips to promote your next event

    By Brent Taylor Let’s talk marketing. It seems today that there is a plethora of marketing materials, opinions and experts advising us on how to best market any product or service we have to offer. Why is that? Why is there so much attention being given to marketing? I recently read Seth Godin’s books, All Marketers are Liars and Purple Cow. I recommend both these books along with Simon Sinek’s Start with Why. I was intrigued by what Godin identifies as…

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  • The IMEX Group and C2 International announce joint partnership

    C2 International, the ground-breaking leader in business conferences, has partnered with the IMEX Group in a joint effort to drive innovation and creativity throughout the meetings and events sector. The three-year agreement represents the first time that C2 International has partnered with another event. The partnership aligns the visions of both organisations through dedicated events at IMEX shows as well as on-going opportunities and content throughout the year. The aim of the partnership between the IMEX Group and C2 International…

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  • What do you know about sponsorship?

    Reinventing sponsorships using creativity and customization When it comes to sponsorship, the competition is real – and tough. In order to survive it, we need to rethink what potential sponsors are looking for. Thirty years ago, it was a logo on a poster and a program, and a thank you after the event. But that’s no longer the case. Today corporations don’t care about logo exposure on your materials and websites. It has become such a given – logo placement,…

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