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  • New App Adds Real-Time Language Translation to Any Virtual Event Platform

    Interprefy has launched a desktop app that allows real-time interpreting to be added to any virtual meeting and event. “The new normal of connecting remotely offers an unprecedented opportunity for event organizers to attract a wider and more diverse audience, and to democratize access to the conversation by offering a truly multilingual experience where everybody listens and speaks in a language they’re proficient in,” says Interprefy CEO, Annett Polaszewski-Plath. Interprefy Select can be used on any live streaming platform, including…

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  • New Partnership Removes Language Barriers from Borderless Digital Events

    A partnership between and Interprefy will allow organizers that are planning events, webinars, conferences and meetings on GEVME Live digital events platform to host those gatherings in multiple languages in real-time. “Digital events surpass geographical boundaries, allowing people to attend regardless of where they are in the world,” says CEO, Veemal Gungadin. “With this exciting partnership with Interprefy, participation in digital events is also no longer fettered by language, enabling event owners and organizers to easily host truly…

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