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    Event Venue Contracts: What is at Risk

      by Heather Reid In almost every component of the event planning journey we encounter elements that speak to “risk” – the acknowledgement of risk possibilities, the assessment of potential damages, the anticipation of known risks, the planning for mitigation, the back-up plans A, B and C…and on and on. Risks associated with events are wide-ranging: natural disasters, emerging risks, terrorism, collateral damage, health and safety concerns, crime and fraud, reputation and public image damage. One of the most often over-looked…

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  • Contract Wisdom: Sadly Insufficient

    by Heather Reid I once conducted a side-by-side examination of 12 signed and negotiated contracts for booking events into unconventional venues. The “unconventional venue” contracts included the following Canadian locations: cultural centre, city-owned sports facility, entertainment complex, music hall, high-risk recreational facility, heritage facility, aquarium, brewery, two recreational/amusement facilities and museums in two different cities. Here are a few of the findings of my side-by-side review: Indemnification Clause   6 contracts – did not have one and therefore, neither side…

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  • Will Contract Complacency Set in Again?

      by Heather Reid As an entrepreneurial event planner since 1994, I’ve been through the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the SARS outbreak in 2003-2004 and the Great Recession of 2007-2008.  After each of these crises, there was a palpable buzz in the industry about the importance of event contracts and balanced contract clauses, and yet each time, that buzz quickly took a “backseat” to the plethora of planners’ more pressing responsibilities. Now that we are all emerging from the…

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  • Tips For Contracts and RFPs During COVID

      by Shannon Byck and Joe Nishi Over the last two years, the business events industry has been incredibly impacted by meeting cancellations and “lifting and shifting” of groups. From a contract perspective, we have had to quickly incorporate addendums and revisions to contracts that allowed for updated Force Majeure, flexible deposit, attrition and cancellation schedules and a huge amount of goodwill and relationship capital has been spent working through all of this. What should not be overlooked is the…

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