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    What is Biophilic Event Design?

      In an age where urbanization and technology dominate our lives, there is a growing desire to reconnect with nature. Biophilic design, a concept that brings elements of the natural world into our built environments, has been a significant trend in architecture and interior design for some time. However, this design philosophy has now found its way into the realm of event planning, leading to the concept of biophilic event design. This innovative approach aims to create unforgettable and sustainable…

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    Event Design: The Art of More

      The business of event design is to unveil a message or tell a story that serves the events purpose. It is to create an undeniable connection on all sensory levels that unite attendees, not only within that setting, but virtually; in continuum and beyond. These vast platforms and perspectives conjure connectivity, relatability and association. For creatives, it can be an emotional or never-ending journey that feeds our passion while playing havoc with our process. As a creative and in…

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    Industry Profile: Alissa Hurley

      Alissa Hurley’s first job shared office space with a company that produced technology conferences and trade shows. They were producing a large trade show and needed additional support for the event and the next thing she knew, Hurley was the conference coordinator for the largest technology show in Canada. “It was an incredible experience that combined my organizational skills, creativity and passion for technology. I decided that this was the career for me and continued to look for future…

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  • Exhibit House Launches New Services for Safe Workplaces, Virtual Events

    A trade show exhibit design firm has launched a set of solutions for companies operating under COVID-19 guidelines to enhance marketing and operations during the ‘new normal.’ “In talking with our clients, they are asking for new ways to market their brand while keeping employees and customers safe,” says Karin Roberts, marketing manager at the Tradeshow Network Marketing Group. The Tradeshow Network’s new services include safety measures for offices, restaurants and other workplaces, virtual exhibits and events, prepackaged rental exhibits…

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  • Beyond Event Planning: A New Approach to Experiential Design

    Experiential Design is not new. In fact, we have been doing it for thousands of years. Each time tribes gathered together to celebrate, or travelled to meet, converse and trade, experiences were intentionally designed and history was written. We have connected through ritual, regalia, food, storytelling, performance, pageantry and entertainment all designed to drive emotive human responses. From caves to castles, these connections built and overturned empires and changed the course of history as participants enjoyed spectacles of shared art,…

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  • Space case: Three principles for guiding spatial design for meetings and events

    By Sheri Moore Today’s meetings and events planners face pressure on many fronts. That’s why our job is consistently ranked amongst top five most stressful jobs by Forbes. This trend is likely to continue as the industry is disrupted by technology, industry trends and market demands. For a long time, we have been expected to be magicians that can create unique experiences and affect spatial design that’s tailored to guests’ expectations, regardless of group size, profile or diversity of thought, and all while exceeding…

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  • Legacy-building events: Excerpts from “Intentional Event Design, Our Professional Opportunity”

    Hope is a great motivator. When we deliver a mindful experience and positively benefit others, we have a win for participants and organizations. Designing events that foster exchanges is critical to moving society forward, and always has been. Event professionals are developing rich corporate social responsibility programs that make a difference in the lives of those living in the local cultures we touch with our events. These moments are often the pieces with the emotional power to take your programs…

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  • Top ideas for event themes

    By Daniella Bustamante and Dela Kumapley, Event Coordinators at Managing Matters Selecting the right theme is crucial to the success of your event and sets the stage to influence your food and beverage, design and décor choices. It will communicate to guests a sense of what to expect, what the atmosphere will be and even what they might wear! With this much pull on the outcome of your event, make sure you spend time choosing a theme that is interesting,…

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  • Site selection: How architecture and ambiance enhance your event

    I recently had a fascinating discussion with acclaimed interior designer Lucienne Van Langen, owner of Luminary Design in Saskatoon, who hosts an annual gala evening for existing and potential clients. Van Langen is intimately aware of the “feeling” she wants to accomplish for her function. “The venue we chose this year was a reflection of the characteristics of the individuals that make up our design firm and an extension of our luxury, high-end brand. It offered a unique experience in…

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  • Seven hot decor ideas for your next event

    By Marla Brown In the event world, you are considered only as good as your last event. Staying fresh and current with your design ideas is a must to wow your clients time and time again. Whether you are faced with a large, medium or small decor budget, you can use the “30 second wow factor” to blow your clients away. We call it “the 30 second wow factor” because if your clients haven’t commented how great the space looks…

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