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    WhatsApp Releases Events Group Chat

      WhatsApp has unveiled a new feature aimed at simplifying event planning within group chats. This integrated tool allows users to create and manage events directly in their conversations, eliminating the need for external planning applications. The feature offers a wide range of activities, from scheduling meetings to organizing social gatherings. Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, developed this tool to address the potential confusion often associated with coordinating activities involving multiple participants. By keeping event details within the chat interface, the…

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    How to Elevate the Human Experience

    By Eryne Sarabin and Sherilyn Trompetter “The human experience definition is to connect the mind, body, and spirit to tap into our higher selves with the self-awareness to live a life of purpose, calmness, kindness, confidence, and service.” – Giselle Baumet Human experience examples can include: The ability to move through a dimensional space The sense of sight, touch, smell, taste and sound Building social bonds and social interaction Stimulation through learning and exploration Participating in a shared experience Feelings evoked by…

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    The Power of Fun in Events

      We all like to have fun. But what is fun? The dictionary defines fun as “that which provides amusement or enjoyment.” Of course, fun can mean different things to different people. One thing is certain, and that is FUN is the antidote to stress. “PEOPLE RARELY SUCCEED UNLESS THEY HAVE FUN IN WHAT THEY ARE DOING” – Dale Carnegie Work can be difficult and stressful. After all, work requires dedicated focus on the role, task, goal, agenda, and outcome…

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    Rethinking Design For Impactful Events

      by Shannon Byck and Joe Nishi Back in June 2023, we wrote an article on Why Events Need a Great Reimagination, and our biggest take away from the article was that we see this time as a chance to make change so we do not go back to the mindset on how and why we did things before. One key way to change our mindset is to reset how we plan events. When you think of the term program…

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    AV Tech Redefining Event Engagement

      In the dynamic landscape of event planning, the integration of cutting-edge audio/visual (A/V) technology has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping the way audiences engage and interact during events. As we navigate an era where virtual and hybrid events have become the norm, understanding the profound impact of A/V technology on event engagement is important for communicators, event planners, and businesses alike. Unveiling the Evolution of A/V Technology The journey of A/V technology from basic sound systems to sophisticated…

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  • How to Avoid Common Event Mistakes

      Event planning is an intricate dance that requires careful coordination, creativity, and attention to detail. Whether organizing a corporate conference, a wedding, or a product launch, event planners often face a myriad of challenges that can make or break the success of an event. In this article, we will explore some common mistakes we have seen event planners make, and provide insightful strategies on how you can avoid them. INADEQUATE PLANNING AND PREPARATION Mistake: One of the most common…

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  • mental health

    Balancing Act: Prioritizing Mental Health

      In the fast-paced world of event planning, where deadlines, logistics, and creativity converge, it’s easy to lose sight of one crucial aspect: our mental health. This year, with all its challenges and uncertainties, served as a stark reminder of just how important self-care and balance are for event professionals. We invite you to join us in a conversation about mental health in the events industry. It’s time to recharge, reflect, and share our self-care rituals as we navigate the…

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    Planning Strategies for Private Events

      Even for corporate event strategy and management companies like ours, we have found ourselves lucky enough to produce large scale private events for some notable Canadians including milestone birthday celebrations, retirement dinners, wedding productions, memorials and more. It’s not lost on us just how special these events are. Private events are highly personal, heartfelt and are typically focused on a more familial or individual endeavor or outcome. This means it can be hard to understand objectives, or the desired…

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    Five Challenges Planners Face Today

      I have been an event producer for three and a half decades. I have lived through many recessions in the event industry and survived. And through all of these years, I have seen all kinds of challenges, but the new challenges we are facing today in the event industry are affecting our ability to do our job effectively. It is a known fact that planning events is stressful; in fact, event planning ranks up there with careers such as…

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  • Why Events Need a Great Reimagination

    By Shannon Byck and Joe Nishi COVID may no longer be a part of our daily conversation but the lasting impacts are still evident today. As we sat plotting out the outline for this article, we noticed how much we struggled with cohesive and creative thoughts. If we were to be honest, the article could have been titled The Great Procrastination as most days it seems easier to avoid the task at hand versus getting things done. Why the funk?…

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