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    The Value of Full Service AV For Events

      In the dynamic world of events, audiovisual (AV) technology is crucial for enhancing the event experience. It can elevate an event from ordinary to extraordinary, creating memorable experiences through strategic stage and lighting design and audio engineering. However, not all AV companies are the same. Event planners must understand their AV supplier’s capabilities and flexibility to meet their needs. Here are some collaboration tips to help you maximize your event impact with full-service AV event production solutions. RFP &…

    A/V & Special Effects, Event Operations

  • Six Top Tips for Quality Hybrid Events

      As we enter a new world of events, it’s safe to say that hybrid events are here for the long run and after a couple of unsettling years due to the pandemic, audience expectations are higher than ever. We have all seen the full potential of virtual events and their unique ability to engage global audiences. As we start to see pandemic restrictions lift, there is an increasing demand for events to maintain the benefits of both in-person and…

    Event Operations, Virtual Events

  • Factors to Consider in Budgeting Events

    Over the last 18 months, how we deliver events has shifted dramatically. Event organizers have had to throw out their budgeting plans and sort out new ways of understanding the costs and benefits of their event spend. We’ve seen a lot of change and have helped our clients navigate this shift over the last two years. As we look to the future, change is not going to subside. Understanding how to budget new formats and content delivery will go a…

    Event Budgeting, Event Operations

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    How to Leverage Technology to Simplify your Hybrid Event Production

    A recently published study by EventMB found an overwhelming majority of event organizers (81 per cent) believe they have to design and execute separate, dedicated experiences for in-person and remote audiences when hosting a hybrid event. Fortunately, with the right production technology and expertise, you don’t have to plan two separate events when going hybrid. Here’s how. Focus on Content Hybrid formats allow you to produce one event with two outputs. Take Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The five-day event…

    Event Operations, Social Media & Technology, Virtual Events

  • Homegrown Event Production Company Turns Eye to U.S.

    Production Canada has expanded into the U.S. with the launch of the Production Agency. “We’re extremely excited to service our American-based clients and look for new avenues for growth, and to continue our mission to produce the best and most respected events in North America,” says Todd Skinner, owner of the Production Agency. Production Canada helps clients manifest their event vision into experiences with impact. The award-winning production company blends set construction with full-service event production and what it calls…

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