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  • The Show Must Go On: Safe Practices for the Return of Live Events

    The return of in-person conferences and events is crucial to helping economies recover. They attract exhibitors and attendees from all over the world, generating millions of dollars in tourism revenue, and support tens of thousands of jobs across a multitude of industries. As co-chair of the Exhibition Services and Contractors Association’s health and safety committee and a member of the industry event and health advisory group for the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, a division of the worldwide cleaning industry association…

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  • Bridging the gap: Creating an event with multi-generational appeal

    By Kelly Furnish, Event Coordinator, Managing Matters Engaging a multi-generational audience is challenging for even the most experienced of planners. Today, attendees range from Baby Boomers to Gen Xers to Millennials, each with different values, attitudes and expectations of what makes a successful event experience. The need to bridge the gap between generational groups is greater than ever. So, how do we as event planners create an event with multi-generational appeal? Here are some of challenges you may face and…

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  • Disruption happens: What are you doing about it?

    For several years, there has been a theme of disruption. Meetings and events are being disrupted by technologies offering everyone access to new models for accommodation, transportation, meeting space booking, and transparent buying of a plethora of goods and services. We receive messaging saying we must integrate now. The question becomes, how do we prioritize our adoptions of new demands and technologies? SWAG! SWAG, the “Stuff We All Get” is a simple shift to start with. While there remains an…

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  • Ways to create easier check-in and facilitate networking with event apps

    By Jenn Heighington, senior Event Coordinator at Managing Matters The world of event planning has evolved, and so has the way events are executed. The days of registration spreadsheets printed by the dozen, haphazardly highlighted as attendees check in are long gone. When a registrants asks “has <insert name here> checked in yet?”, we no longer have to sift through and cross reference three different lists to be able to provide them with a quick yes or no answer, because,…

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  • RSVP etiquette: Why we are tentative to RSVP to events

    If you’re old enough, you remember when RSVPs used to be straightforward. You got an invitation, you made a decision and you sent a response to advise accordingly. Today, despite technological advances in sending and capturing responses, this process has become anything but simple. The edges of RSVP etiquette are blurring and planners are feeling the ramifications. It is now common – even expected that there will be a large percentage of people who will not respond, and this number…

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  • Eleven ‘must haves’ for online registration systems

    By David Dugas Although online registration has been a part of meetings since the 1990s, registration systems have evolved significantly during their brief history. Of course, new features keep getting added to registration system platforms but, more and more, integration is key. And seamless integration is what the future will hold for online registration — with your event app, with your sales tools, with your website, with your fundraising or association management platforms. Below are some key trends in integration…

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  • Pre-event communication: Don’t let your event start at the door

    By Ben Moorsom It’s time to get honest about your pre-event communication. Is it more than a “save-the-date” or “register here” email? Does it break through the day-to-day clutter attendees are subjected to? Does it plant the seeds of your important messaging and put attendees in the right mindset for your event? Does it get your people excited and wanting to attend? Be honest. Is your teaser more than an afterthought? It’s time to turn the missed opportunity of pre-event…

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  • The future of web-based event registration and why you should be using it

    Web-based registration systems have rectified many event registration problems of the past. Credit cards are encrypted; credit card holders are immediately notified if their card is not acceptable; drop down menus and ‘must complete’ fields ensure the correct information is input by the attendee. All this happens in the blink of an eye in today’s world. As this article is being written in summer 2012, mobile registration apps are just beginning to hit the conference world. What does the future hold for registration technology?

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