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    Sponsorship Expectations For 2022

      Understanding that in 2021, oil reached its highest levels in seven years. Unemployment is at the same level as it was pre-pandemic. We saw record levels for the TSE, although late year dipping and sell-off was expected as a correction, but we are still ahead. All this leads to predictions of a future strong economy, although we will continue to have an inflationary effect on our spending dollar and continued COVID effects. This means that brands will have to…

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  • Now what? Planning your post-event strategy

    By Kelly Furnish, Event Coordinator, Managing Matters The lights are off and the last attendee has the left the building. After months of planning and promoting, you have successfully completed your event… but what happens next? All too often, planners underestimate the importance of what happens post-event, missing out on key opportunities to gain insight into improvements for the future, promote meaningful engagement and establish loyalty with attendees. As part of every event’s conception, planners should be thinking about its completion…

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  • Measuring event success: 16 tips for helping your clients understand money well spent

    After the 2008 recession, the events industry took a major hit. Companies went from having lavish parties and extravagant events to cutting down to the bare minimum. Then more than ever, event industry professionals had to consistently prove their value and the value of business events to executives and decisions makers. All of a sudden, measuring the ROI and the overall quantifiable success of events became a top priority in order to show the real value of face to face…

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  • How to increase pre-conference engagement with social media and games

    Engaging your attendees prior to the event is the best way to ensure participants will be excited during the show and even afterward. Encouraging participation before the event sets the stage for high levels of engagement because your audience will already be invested in your content, competitions, and the conference in general. The key to using social media and event games for pre-conference engagement is having a plan or strategy in place that includes a timeline, tactics and an understanding…

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  • Top three ways to catch the eye (and budget) of every prospective event sponsor

    We’re all aware of the uncomfortable conversation that surrounds asking for money. It’s not fun; it’s awkward, and it often leads to disappointment. Why does it have to be that way? Why can’t it be fun, engaging and end with two happy parties? Here are a few steps to help balance your event budget and create raving sponsorship partners. 1. Open dialogue Be up front, honest and sincere with your event partners. In this fast paced world that we live…

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  • Meet, woo and win: Three words to kickstart your sales and event sponsorship

    Recently I did some binge cleaning of my office and came across an index box filled with very old business cards. On the front of the box were these three words: Meet, woo and win That’s always been a motto of mine for sales and event sponsorship. No matter what new information comes out about making a good sale, keeping a client, etc., for me, it has always gone back to those three words. Where did they come from? About…

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  • Six steps to success with your event sponsorship

    Event managers are finding it increasingly difficult to secure sponsors and to keep them engaged in providing much-needed financial and in-kind supports. Something needs to change. It is time to bury the old idea of developing one-size-fits-all programs that beautifully outline our event’s Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsorship levels. These packages are still being heavily relied upon to secure revenue to help sustain our events. There is a better way. During a panel session of sponsorship buyers at a recent…

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  • 25 ways your event can give back

    Did you know… If every participant at a tradeshow in Canada helped assemble relief kits, it would benefit over two million people in need? If guests at incentive programs in Canada volunteered for just 30 minutes, it would make half a million hours of difference? And if every convention attendee in the country brought a single non-perishable food item with them, it would contribute almost 7,000 metric tons of food to those in need across the country? Corporate events have…

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  • Six items to include in your event sponsorship package

    Event sponsorship is a means of supporting an event, activity or organization by providing money or other resources of value to the event in question. The sponsor generally receives advertising space or other publicity at the event in exchange for its support. Why do we need event sponsorship? For an event in need additional funding, the sponsor’s contribution is valuable in a number of ways: it can help reduce hard costs, or it can encourage investments in or contributions to…

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