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    Keys to Sponsorship Management

      In the ever-evolving realm of event planning, mastering the delicate dance of sponsorship management isn’t just a skill; it’s the cornerstone of unlocking financial success, broadening your marketing reach, and fostering lasting partnerships. As event producers, we don the hats of experiential architects, weaving together the threads of innovation, strategy, and collaboration to construct moments that leave a lasting impression. Here are some vital components of effective sponsorship management and common pitfalls: Lead Time: The journey to securing event…

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  • Steps For Successful Sponsorships

      Sponsorships are a great way to raise funds for revenue generating events, however, the process of seeking and securing sponsorships can be time consuming and incredibly challenging. Not only do you need to sharpen your skills in sales, but you also need to confidently pitch your event with all the necessary details. Whether your event is taking place virtually or in-person, there are numerous possibilities for brand exposure, audience interaction, activations and so much more. So, what can you…

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  • Sponsorship Expectations For 2022

      Understanding that in 2021, oil reached its highest levels in seven years. Unemployment is at the same level as it was pre-pandemic. We saw record levels for the TSE, although late year dipping and sell-off was expected as a correction, but we are still ahead. All this leads to predictions of a future strong economy, although we will continue to have an inflationary effect on our spending dollar and continued COVID effects. This means that brands will have to…

    Event Branding & Marketing, Event Operations

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