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    MTCC Renews Encore Partnership

      The Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) announced that it has renewed its partnership with Encore as the facility’s official preferred supplier of audiovisual services. Encore, a leader in event technology and production, works closely with the MTCC team to provide cutting edge event technology, creative, and production services for in-person and hybrid events. The Encore team has a unique knowledge of the facility, an efficient planning process, and consistently earns excellent satisfaction ratings (93 per cent on average) from…

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    Event Tech Firms Rebrand to Stova

      Following the merger of MeetingPlay and Aventri and the acquisition of eventcore earlier this year, these event technology companies are rebranding as one global leader in event management solutions: Stova. Marking another major milestone in the evolution of the consolidation of three major event technology pioneers, Stova offers a comprehensive platform for delivering exceptional experiences for global enterprise clients. The new branding is rooted in the heritage, technology, and people of these three iconic brands. As the organization continues…

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    Why You Need an Event Technologist

      Even before the pandemic and the monumental shift to virtual, digital and now hybrid events, the role of event technologist has been a key part of making events a success. Having a dedicated event technologist on board gives event organizers a chance to focus on what they do best. By doing so, event technologists can facilitate their career advancement, improve ROI and create better meeting experiences for all concerned. For planners seeking strategic, higher level roles within their organizations,…

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    New Group Bookings Platform Launched

    Event organizers can sell more tickets and increase revenue from group bookings with a new ticketing and registration platform by Eventsforce. Built on Eventsforce’s next generation of event management solutions, the ‘Groups & Ticketing’ system is designed to revolutionize the whole process of managing groups around events. It also offers a unique and innovative group invitation tool that allows group bookers to secure places at events a lot more quickly. “Groups & Ticketing is an exciting new platform as it is…

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    Why choosing the right event technology is important?

      With technology being integrated into nearly every aspect of events, it is now easier than ever to track and understand attendee experience. Some of the best event tech companies nowadays are those who help event planners access key metrics most efficiently. You can use the data gathered from a range of applications and event technology to tackle a range of challenges and in turn, improve future editions of your event. However, finding the right application for your event can…

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  • How event tech can help your networking event go virtual

      In our time of confinement and social distancing, opportunities to interact and grow business connections have been limited. With events being cancelled on a global scale, event tech is more relevant than ever. Our industry isn’t only working towards helping the event industry make the switch to virtual events, but also making sure that the connections that we gain from events can continue to prevail. Let’s look at how to help your networking events transition from in-person gatherings to…

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  • First-Ever Hybrid Sanitizer Smartphone Combines Safety with Signage

    Event technology and digital solutions provider Giant iTab has launched the world’s first hybrid sanitizer smartphone to keep attendees of live events safe during the pandemic. The kiosk has health and safety features, including auto hand sanitizer and a temperature reader. Visitors offer their wrist to the infrared monitor and will be given a green or red indicator light to confirm they are safe to enter the premises. It also has analytics to show how, where and when it was…

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    Seven Tips to Set Up a Successful Online Event

    Online corporate meetings and conferences are becoming the norm for many businesses amid the coronavirus outbreak, and they’re likely here to stay post-COVID-19 because of their intrinsic value. These virtual events expand audience reach, provide evergreen content opportunities, allow for in-depth reporting on attendees and are more cost-effective than their on-site counterparts. They’re also not at the mercy of external factors like a major storm or global pandemic, as is the case today. While some organizations have already fully transitioned…

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  • How mutual respect, inclusion and open-mindedness provoke positive experiences at your corporate event

    What are you hiding from? On a recent flight, I was immersed in the story of Hidden Figures, which follows the colored women who were part of the collaborative team behind NASA’s manned space flight program. This movie sparked several thoughts. First, diversity and inclusion start at the top of an organization (or home), and require every single person to have respect for every other person. We must not base our assumptions on skin tone, spiritual belief, educational background, hometown…

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  • Bridging the gap: Creating an event with multi-generational appeal

    By Kelly Furnish, Event Coordinator, Managing Matters Engaging a multi-generational audience is challenging for even the most experienced of planners. Today, attendees range from Baby Boomers to Gen Xers to Millennials, each with different values, attitudes and expectations of what makes a successful event experience. The need to bridge the gap between generational groups is greater than ever. So, how do we as event planners create an event with multi-generational appeal? Here are some of challenges you may face and…

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