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  • How to plan events with food allergies in mind

    I would say that I have a lot of food preferences. I like healthy food: nothing fried, no white sugar or processed food. I often have a hard time when the only options at conferences are sugary breakfast items or processed meat sandwiches. The frustration! I thought I had it hard… until I spoke with a few colleagues who have serious food allergies and heard what it is like to be in their situation. I now have a sense of…

    Event Operations, Food & Beverage

  • Planning is for the people: Why safety and enjoyment are paramount

    If we believe that as meeting and event professionals our number one responsibility is the people who participate in our meetings, then we need to look at what this means. We are responsible for their safety, their enjoyment, their learning, and their overall experience, each with their own importance, and our own role in the same must be understood. With the ongoing tragedies that happen at events, it is critical that safety is always top of mind. Understanding there are…

    Contingency/Disaster Planning, Event Operations, Speakers & Entertainment

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