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  • Mon Lapin

    Montreal Mon Lapin Voted Top Restaurant

      Montreal’s Mon Lapin was named the top restaurant in the annual Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants rankings. The restaurant jumped from 6th to 1st place, ahead of Toronto’s Alo and Published On Main, from Vancouver, which ranked first last year. This is the third time that a Quebec restaurant has taken the top spot. “There simply isn’t anywhere else in the world one would wish to have a restaurant; Montreal is magical! It’s thanks to the discerning and curious clientele that the culinary…

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  • menu

    Catering Menu Trends For Unique Experiences

      Every time I design a menu for a client, I treat it like I’m auditioning for American Idol. I need the initial menu and proposal to stand out, to be unique and exciting but also feel like our brand. An initial proposal to a client is often like a blind audition, if it’s a new client, and we want to make it past the initial auditions, to be invited to “Hollywood Week” ( the tasting) and then hopefully win…

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  • Canadian

    Whistler Chef Wins Canadian Culinary Championship

      Chef Jasper Cruickshank of Wild Blue Restaurant + Bar, in Whistler, B.C. won the 2024 Canadian Culinary Championship (CCC) in Ottawa. He took home the gold medal in the competition which had nine other chefs from across Canada vying for the top title. . The winner of the Vancouver qualifying event served a dish that he called a “wild B.C. experience.” The award-winning dish, paired with Roche Tradition Pinot Gris, featured a Side Stripe shrimp terrine with a daikon…

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  • chef rangan

    Chef Q&A: Nandakishore Rangan, VCC

      Originally from Bangalore, India, Nandakishore Rangan’s desire to become a chef was a combination of personal passion, cultural influences, and wanting to create and share delicious meals with others. He began his career at Taj Hotels, a chain of luxury hotels headquartered in Mumbai, India. During this time, he earned a diploma in hotel management. “This is where my thirst for cooking started and exposed me to different cultures and dishes. Additionally, it gave me the opportunity to foster…

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  • Kappo restaurant

    Kappo Soto Named Best New Restaurant

      The 2023 Canada’s Best New Restaurants Top 10 were unveiled by Air Canada, with Toronto restaurant Kappo Sato taking the coveted top spot. Led by chef Takeshi Sato, Kappo Soto is a Kappo-style Omakase restaurant where the tasting menu is prepared entirely in front of guests. In second place, the lavish steakhouse Wild Blue elevates fine dining in the mountain ski town of Whistler through its prime selection of meat and seafood. This year’s third-place winner, Marilena Café and…

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  • food practices

    Savouring Sustainable Food Practices

      In the realm of event management, where experiences are crafted and memories made, sustainability has emerged as a critical focal point. As the world grapples with environmental challenges, the event industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards embracing sustainable practices. At the heart of this movement lies the concept of sustainable food, where conscious choices and innovative approaches are revolutionizing the way events cater to attendees’ appetites. In this article, we explore the intersection of food and sustainability within…

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  • food catering

    Catering Experiences that Delight

      As the business landscape continues to evolve, corporate events and meetings are no longer limited to mundane affairs. In 2023, corporate catering is set to take a leap forward, embracing new trends that focus on creating unique and unforgettable culinary experiences. From sustainability to customization, and technology integration to global flavours, here are top catering trends shaping the corporate world. Sustainable Catering In an era of heightened environmental consciousness, sustainability has become a key consideration for corporate catering. Businesses…

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  • Creating A Budget Friendly Food Menu

      Food and beverage offerings are key aspects of any event. As catering prices continue to rise, knowing how to be creative when putting together a menu will be increasingly important. While restrictions from the pandemic are behind us, lingering operational realities remain: greater labour costs (and labour shortages) and significant inflation on food. Though the pandemic may have caused a backlog of pent-up demand in the events industry, now that event planners and clients are able to resume planning…

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  • food

    What’s Hot in Food This Year

      Whether a corporate event is small and intimate or large in scale, food and beverage always takes centre stage. Health, sustainability, zero-waste and innovation are driving creativity in restaurants and venue kitchens, leading to thoughtful and flavourful menu choices. Keeping up with changing tastes and trends is important for event planners to create a unique and memorable experience. The Unilever Food Solutions Future Menu Trends Report suggests that while people are looking for options that are healthy both for…

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  • Taste of Place Summit

    Toronto Hosts Taste of Place Summit

      The Culinary Tourism Alliance and George Brown College will host the inaugural Taste of Place Summit in Toronto on June 27 and 28. More than 300 tourism and hospitality professionals will gather at the George Brown College Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts. The global event combines experiential learning along with engaging sessions to inspire destination and economic developers, thought leaders, marketers and tourism operators to build their tastes of place and put food tourism front-and-centre for their destinations.…

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