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  • IACC reveals Top 10 Conference Food Trends for 2015

    Useful tips for meeting planners contribute towards healthier conferences Following extensive research among the 400 members of the International Association of Conference Centres, the organization released its Top 10 Conference Food Trends for 2015, which are influencing meeting planners across the globe. Mark Cooper, IACC’s CEO, commented, “Planners are always looking for new and interesting ways to nourish and invigorate their conference attendees, as food has become so much more than just fuel. Recently there has been an enormous shift…

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  • Three key areas for improvement in the events industry

    It’s a new world, or is it? Just when I think we are making leaps ahead in how we are managing and delivering meetings, events and group experiences, something happens that makes me think, perhaps we are not. I have the opportunity to go to many conferences and events as part of my job and feel very fortunate for a number of reasons. The opportunities abound to see colleagues and friends from (literally) around the world, to learn from experienced…

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  • Reader survey: Canadian event planners rank their biggest challenges

    Whether it is shortened lead times, continually shrinking event budgets, the influx of new meeting apps or rising food and beverage costs, we wanted to find out what is most important in the minds of today’s meeting planner. In a recent online poll of CM&E readers from across Canada, we discovered that corporate and independent event planners share many of the same concerns and challenges when it comes to planning, budgeting and managing meetings in Canada. Here’s a brief snapshot…

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  • Rethink 2014: Six shifts occurring in the world of corporate events

    My how things have changed in the past two decades. We have slowly shifted to keep pace with these changes in the corporate events industry and the expectations of the guest. As our world shifts around us so quickly we can barely keep pace, we’re learning to become more agile and adjust to the landscape. Some of the changes which have struck me as significant I share below, and I welcome comments from those you have experienced. Shifts in food…

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  • Six tips for adding healthy eating options at business events

    Living the double-life in this industry has given me great perspective on a topic I feel is often overlooked. As a frequent attendee of conventions, conferences and galas, I relish these opportunities almost as much as being on the supplier side. One would figure that being a supplier producing thousands of events, I’d have little desire to attend any but wearing an attendee badge provides me the outlet to step over to another perspective. Amazingly enough, it’s actually not too…

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  • Top five food and beverage trends for events in 2014

    The good news – there are more choices than ever when it comes to types of cuisine, menu selections, mixology, artisanal beers, wines pairings, the newest, the latest and the most unique food and beverage trends at your corporate meetings and events. The bad news – there are more choices than ever when it comes to types of cuisine, menu selections, mixology, artisanal beers – I think you get the point! With tighter budgets, shorter turnaround periods, less or no…

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  • What’s behind the scenes

    I live and work in The Distillery District of Toronto. All around me there are events in the making – from weddings to product launches to outdoor artisans’ events and so much more. I watch setup and teardown almost on a daily basis. For those of us that plan events and conferences, while we know what goes on behind the scenes for us, are we aware and do we appreciate what goes on behind the scenes so our event comes…

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  • The choice + ability quotient: Finding creative ways to increase your meeting’s relevance

    “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – Professor Albus Dumbledore If we apply this wise thinking to our event planning, would we change our approach? Certainly we are thorough, detailed, organized and creative as meeting managers/producers. But, do you feel every day that you are making the choices that will create that special combination of unique experiences and practical takeaways for our participants that clearly shows you have their needs…

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  • Seven tips for doing more with less

    Managing budgets – developing, tracking, and sticking to them – is a fundamental skill for planners and suppliers alike. They don’t seem that hard to develop; after all, most of us have a template or checklist that includes a line item for each of the disparate elements of a meeting. After that, it’s pretty much arithmetic: 100 breakfasts at $22 equals $2,200 plus plus plus. Where’s the challenge in that?

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  • Mill Street Brewery Pub to open at Toronto Pearson International Airport

    SSP Canada, the Canadian division of SSP, the leading operator of food and beverage brands in travel locations worldwide, is delighted to announce, opening soon, in time for Easter, the Mill Street Brewery Pub at Toronto Pearson, Canada’s largest airport. The restaurant showcases Mill Street Brewery’s award winning beers with locally inspired cuisine. Guests travelling out of Terminal 1 will find the new location between gate D20 and D22.

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