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  • How to plan events with food allergies in mind

    I would say that I have a lot of food preferences. I like healthy food: nothing fried, no white sugar or processed food. I often have a hard time when the only options at conferences are sugary breakfast items or processed meat sandwiches. The frustration! I thought I had it hard… until I spoke with a few colleagues who have serious food allergies and heard what it is like to be in their situation. I now have a sense of…

    Event Operations, Food & Beverage

  • On the menu: A look at the top catering trends

    By Jasmine Baker In today’s competitive meetings and events industry, catering is a major component of most business and social events that can benefit from the expertise of hospitality professionals who care about crafting thoughtful food, beverage and hospitality experiences in unexpected settings — from small and intimate to the big stage. At For the Love of Food, it is our job to know what’s exciting in all forms of catering and it’s our pleasure to share it with you. Here…

    Event Operations, Food & Beverage

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