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    Keys to Sponsorship Management

      In the ever-evolving realm of event planning, mastering the delicate dance of sponsorship management isn’t just a skill; it’s the cornerstone of unlocking financial success, broadening your marketing reach, and fostering lasting partnerships. As event producers, we don the hats of experiential architects, weaving together the threads of innovation, strategy, and collaboration to construct moments that leave a lasting impression. Here are some vital components of effective sponsorship management and common pitfalls: Lead Time: The journey to securing event…

    Event Branding & Marketing, Event Operations

  • Success Depends on Working Together

      As I sat down to think about how I wanted to excite and encourage you, my valued industry colleagues, I thought back to the phrase, ‘we’re all in this together.’ I feel compelled to remind everyone that this still holds true, and as we plan for our future, we must think about each other and our mutual success. Together is the way forward. Our relationships with our suppliers, team members, and industry are our most valuable assets. It’s these…

    Event Operations, Meeting Community, The Business of Meetings

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