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  • MPI announces keynote speakers for WEC18

    Meeting Professionals International (MPI) has lined up five inspirational keynote speakers for its 2018 World Education Congress (WEC18), including a world-renowned brand innovator, a mechanical engineer and social commentator, an entertainment producer, a former Disney executive and a CNN legal and social commentator. These thought leaders will present poignant and energizing presentations during the all-new pep rallies, which will kick off and wrap up each day during WEC18 – with day one focusing on inspiration to start designing experiences, day…

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  • Everything you need to know about professional speakers

    If you’re planning a corporate meeting or special event for your company, your choice of professional keynote speaker to kick off the itinerary can be every bit as important as the venue, theme and timing for the occasion. While not every conference may call for the services of these individuals, who typically take the form of subject matter experts, thought leaders or bestselling authors, many promise to enhance team-building exercises, training programs and executive summits. Typically, motivational speaking presenters are…

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  • Keynote speakers need careful consideration, says Imago Venues

    A big-name keynote speaker may not be enough to inspire meeting attendees, according to research carried out by Imago Venues. The research measured whether the meetings industry is doing enough to inspire the business leaders of tomorrow, and was conducted in conjunction with Loughborough University and The Right Solution. One of the key questions asked delegates and organisers what made an inspirational speaker and respondents were unanimous in what matters most to them. Passion and enthusiasm came out top of…

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  • Meeting design for transformative experiences

    According to, the term meeting has many meanings, and many synonyms. It struck me that the synonyms are the words we need to more carefully consider when we are designing our meetings if we want them to be effective. What do I mean by effective? If we consider the origin of meeting design as a philosophy that began around 2009 with the Meeting Architecture Manifesto, and as a stakeholder deliverable as laid out in the Event Design Handbook in…

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  • Beyond boundaries: Speaking across cultural differences

    Recently I was listening to a presentation made by a Canadian speaker at a conference in California. The audience was entirely American, and after being introduced as a Canadian, the speaker said, “There is one very big difference between speaking to a Canadian audience and speaking to an American audience.” He then began the substantive part of his speech. Almost immediately, he was interrupted by an audience member who abruptly yelled out, “Hey! What’s the difference?” The speaker responded, “That’s the difference!”

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