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    Navigating Privacy Laws For Events

      As event planners, we often find ourselves juggling a million details to create memorable and successful events. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to overlook a crucial aspect of event planning: privacy laws. You might be wondering, “But you’re an event planner, what do you know about privacy?” Spending more than 20 years working with Canadian federal privacy legislation, I’m here to use that expertise to help educate our industry on this important topic. To make collecting…

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  • Hotels Sue Insurance Provider for Denying COVID-19 Coverage

    Canadian hotels have launched a class action lawsuit against Aviva Insurance Co. of Canada for being denied insurance coverage for loss of business income related to the pandemic. In a statement of claim, Lerners LLP alleges Aviva is in breach of contract when it denied the hotels’ loss of business income coverage after the federal and provincial governments declared states of emergency, restricting their business due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This applies to all hotels who were insured under a…

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  • Green Light: Cannabis opens new avenues for event planners

    Taking your event to a new high used to mean something else before October 17, 2018. While the legalization of marijuana is still new to the Canadian cultural landscape, the future of event planning may involve many more shades of green. The nascent and rapidly expanding cannabis market — the legal one, at least — brings a whole new set of opportunities for planners. Large-scale events like conferences are a great way for cannabis growers and retailers to gain market traction;…

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