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  • Industry Profile: Jody Litvack

      Veteran Toronto entertainer Jody Litvack began his professional career in the entertainment industry as a DJ in the 90s and then as a host for Much Music in the early 2000s. Over the next decade, he quickly became one of Toronto’s most recognized live event entertainers and MCs. In 2009 he launched Jet Entertainment, an event production and multimedia company that has delivered a wide variety of special events with world-class entertainment. According to Litvack, entertainment is a central…

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    Seven Tips to Set Up a Successful Online Event

    Online corporate meetings and conferences are becoming the norm for many businesses amid the coronavirus outbreak, and they’re likely here to stay post-COVID-19 because of their intrinsic value. These virtual events expand audience reach, provide evergreen content opportunities, allow for in-depth reporting on attendees and are more cost-effective than their on-site counterparts. They’re also not at the mercy of external factors like a major storm or global pandemic, as is the case today. While some organizations have already fully transitioned…

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