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  • Setting the tone: Tips for setting a mood upon entrance to your event

    The tone of your event entrance starts long before your first attendee arrives. You must set your tribe’s level of ambition. Raise your level of expectation from your staff, your team and your volunteers, and build your culture as a force for good. Events can be long hours, exhausting days and taxing on the brain – but they are also fun and rewarding! Let your team have fun with their onsite presence. Encourage them to be goofy while maintaining a…

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  • Creating your centrepiece: How to make your theme the focal point of your next event

    By Kristin Hosie The theme of a meeting should be considered its ‘centrepiece.’ In the events industry, we know all about the centrepiece. Sometimes its floral; sometimes it’s made of ice. In any case, it’s the focal point of a function’s dining table. Your theme should be the focal point of your meeting – a jumping off point for everything that follows and in every aspect of the meeting from start to finish. Determining your theme should help to streamline…

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  • Reader survey: Canadian event planners rank their biggest challenges

    Whether it is shortened lead times, continually shrinking event budgets, the influx of new meeting apps or rising food and beverage costs, we wanted to find out what is most important in the minds of today’s meeting planner. In a recent online poll of CM&E readers from across Canada, we discovered that corporate and independent event planners share many of the same concerns and challenges when it comes to planning, budgeting and managing meetings in Canada. Here’s a brief snapshot…

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  • What’s that theme? Seven ideas for designing event experiences in increasingly demanding environments

    Like many of you, this week we had an exploratory meeting with a new client, and as we moved from who we are and how we fit together, the conversation naturally led into their event and what they were hoping to achieve along with possible meeting themes. Themes provide a base platform from which to launch an event, and we recognize their importance. There is definitely such a thing as a tired theme, and for this event, the client said…

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  • Inukshuk – A creative way to incorporate a meeting theme and message

    At a recent global sales meeting for one of our major clients, showcasing the host city was an important element in the meeting theme. In this case, Toronto was the host city, and team-building activities such as attending a Toronto Raptor’s basketball game and exploring Toronto’s unique underground walkway called PATH were just some of the offsite activities our corporate meeting planners coordinated. However, the challenge was determining the best way to carry the theme through in the messaging of…

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